Yipsy Macarons Review*

Recently when myself and Katrina visited Urban Coffee (read a review here) during our visit we saw some gorgeous looking Macarons for sale and I thought they were so cute and just wanted to take pictures of them and although I didn't get a chance to eat them and I still managed to photograph them! Later that week I was followed on twitter by a company called Yipsy Macarons and turned up out it was the same company who makes them for Urban Coffee! I was super excited as she is also based in the West Midlands. I was sent a box of Macarons in the post and they got a bit bashed about and a lot of them were broken *sad face* but Angela was SO lovely saying she would bring me a box next time I was in Birmingham, and it turns out it was the same week as the #BirminghamJulyMeet bringing me and the bloggers a box (which I'd say went down pretty damn well!) 

I only recently discovered how much I love Macarons I've always loved the look of them as they're so dainty and pretty but never actually got to round to trying them! I am so glad that I have now tried them and fallen in love although my diet is not too impressed! Yipsy Macarons come in a range of gorgeous colours and flavours and I am in love with the Raspberry ones and could quite happily eat my way through an entire box of those as they are so more-ish and great for a mid morning snack! Whilst looking at the Yipsy Macarons facebook page I saw amazing different Macarons that Angela had made previously such as Hello Kitty, A macaron birthday cake, and even bear shaped ones and I was just amazed at the different things you can make out of Macarons!

Olivia Thristan


  1. They look so pretty, what a great treat or a present for someone :o) Xx

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  2. They look soo yummy!! hahaha

    xx cecil


  3. They do look so pretty! Almost too pretty to eat....hehehe

  4. I'm obsessed with macaroons after a trip to Paris - SALTED CARAMEL are the bomb! x


  5. I've yet to try a macaroon. I don't really get what all the hype is about.

  6. I saw these when I popped into Urban Coffee earlier this afternoon! :D

    I didn't try any macaroons but I will be next time. :D