The best of the body butters!

Who doesn't love a good body butter? I spend hours on end in body shopping smelling and looking at their huge selection of body butters only to normally come out with the same two- chocolate and orange although I want to experiment with what they have to offer I always go for one I know I love. I thought in today's post I would share with you my three favorite body butters, two I have repurchased for a long time and one is a very new one to my collection but it is fab! 

Superdrug Body Butter- Cherry & Macadamia* £3.99
So this is the newest body butter to my collection but I instantly fell in love with it, the smell is such a nice one and reminds me of sweets (not sure if that's a good thing to smell like) even my boyfriend said he liked it! The pricing of this Body Butter is £3.99 so the cheapest on the list but still achieves the same great results, if you aren't a fan of sweet smelling body butters they offer many different ones such as vanilla and coconut. I found the body butters to be very moisturizing and my body felt super smooth and smelt gorgeous after, only thing I did notice compared to the others is that it left your skin feeling slightly more greasy, but only a tad and it isn't the end of the world! This body butter also contains macadamia oil which some of you may of heard of as you can also use it for the same thing but for hair- so a big bonus. Final thing I will say about this product is that it is cruelty free so for all of you who are looking for a cheaper cruelty free alternative to the body shop this is definitely one to go to!

Soap & Glory- The Righteous Butter £10.50
If you haven't tried out this body butter yet you are seriously missing out! Most of us bloggers are big fans of Soap and Glory, they have the most amazing products and although they're a big more pricey than other high street alternatives I can say that anything I have bought from them I've hands down loved! The body butter has such lovely packaging the and invites you in! It's not my favorite smellnig body butter I'll be the first to admit that, but for what it does offer it's worth the money. The body butter itself contains "softening shea butter and aloe vera" things that both great things to have in a body butter. You get your moneys worth for the size of the pot. After using this for a few days after showering my skin did feel softer and it is easy to rub in and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy.

 The Body Shop- Satsuma Butter £13.00 (the one pictured is a mini from a gift set)
When I was looking for my full sized version of this for the picture I could not find it anywhere! So you got the mini version instead, so Body Shop Butters, these are something I've been using for at least 3 years and I've owned just about every one there's something about the smell of them that invites you in, there's so many different ones to pick from so you're not short for choice- my favorites being the satsuma and the coconut ones. You may of noticed it's a little more pricey than the others so I do usually snap them in up the sale when they are £5- much more reasonable. I have never found any problems with them other than that, they are always very moisturizing, smell delicious and don't leave your skin feeling at all greasy.   


  1. I love all the Soap and Glory body butters, they all smell gorgeous! I think I prefer them to the Body Shop ones too x


  2. You have two of my favourites here! The Soap and Glory body butter is just amazing for moisturising, and the Body Shop satsuma butter oddly helps protect me in the summer against insect bites. Great picks! xx

  3. Soap and glory body butter smells so so lovely! I love the body shop butters too, they seem to last reallly long too, which is great! :)


  4. I love my body butter from superdrug, I choose the lotus flower and cherry blossom scent. It's lovely! Have you tried it?