Sunday Summary

So it has been forever since I have done one of these, but I have a few different things I've been doing and wanted to share the blog love, this also has a few things from last weekend. So what have I been doing? Well last weekend I had a lovely night in with one of my best friends and ended up getting quite drunk and the rest is history, but I find some funny photos of us on my phone (not my best picture gotta admit!) Managed to get through a bottle of Cactus Jacks, that stuff is amazing. I have been having a LOT of driving lessons in preparation for my test which is coming up at some point this week *nervous face*. I decided it would be cute to put some lemonade in a jar because who wants to use a glass when you can use a jar?! & finally my cat decided to get herself into the paper and just chill and I found it so funny that I just had to share.

Blogs posts I heart: She Might Be Loved- Sophisticated Curves, Beautrina- The Secret Gardens, The Beauty Baker- MAC The Osbournes Range & Rachel Nicole- Ocean Stripes
Tune of the week: The Vamps Ft Demi Lovato- Somebody To You.
Olivia Thristan


  1. Good luck with your driving test! Xx

  2. Micky Finns is much better than Captain Jack's. You should get you hands on some of that. Good luck with your driving test!

    Jegz xo

  3. Great post Jess! I have the same Sunday feeling :) The idea for the jars as glasses is so cute. Wishing you the best of luck with your driving test! Helen xx (

  4. Apple sourz just doesn't agree with me! I prefer cola cube flavoured corkys!

    love victoriajanex

  5. Good luck on your test! Also, the cherry Cactus Jacks is really good, that used to be a favourite of mine! I don't really drink now, but I always preferred it to the apple - less sour. :)
    Kitah x

  6. Aw how cute! I love reading about peoples weekends. lovely post!

    Ash |