Lifestyle: A few days in Blackpool!

It's happening again, another post about a recent trip to Blackpool in the past month I've been Blackpool twice and hadn't been for years before that, I tried to get some pictures but that failed as I spent most of my time in pubs or arcades which isn't great for taking photos in! But being a blogger I did manage to get a few snaps. So I went to Blackpool for one of my best friends birthday, Blackpool was a drunken choice (true uni student coming out in me!) it was actually a lot better than I was expecting considering the price of the hotel was less than the trains! We spent the first day trying to get to grips with the town, and looking in some shops then going out clubbing! Then on the second day whilst recovering from the night before had a HUGE breakfast followed by mini golf and a meal at Bella Italia and on the third day we just walked from Arcade to Arcade whilst waiting for our train back, it doesn't sound as fun as it actually was in the post, but it was so funny and I had a great time with my friends!

Before the night out!

 During the night out
Mini Golf!

 On the beach

 The mother of all breakfasts!

Olivia Thristan


  1. It looks like you had a great time!!

    Emily xx

    1. We really did! Thanks for the comment :-)

  2. Mini golf is so much fun and those chips are making me super hungry :') Looks like a fab day!

    Frankie x

  3. The breakfast looks delishious! Seems like you had loads of fun. :) Love the "during the night out" pic, lol!

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time, loving the selfies of you guys haha! I haven't played mini golf in years! The food looks great too :)


  5. Blackpool is one of my favourite places, I went for my Hen Do but I enjoy the pleasure beach as much as anything!

    Jade x
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  6. Some great photos, looks like you had such fun :)