Hey you it's okay not to be perfect #3

Some lovely bloggers wanted to get involved in my latest blog project to spread the word, hey you it's okay not be perfect, so today I am bringing you some more lovely pieces for some bloggers who want to share their stories with you, remember it's okay not to be perfect :-)  

Hi I’m Aimee.
In my eyes, perfection is not something that should be idolised as it doesn’t exist! No one is 100% happy with themselves and I’d be a hypocrite if I said that I was. It would be pretty easy for me to sit here and say I’m not happy with my weight, but believe me I’m trying to work on it. You know what I really don’t like about myself? My height. Ever since I can remember I’ve been taller than all of my friends. I hate when people say ‘oh aren’t you tall!’ and I just feeling like shouting at them ‘really? I hadn’t noticed!’.  That is part of me though, my whole family are tall. Now what do I like about myself? To be honest I like quite a lot. You have to see the positive things in life or you’d forever be on a massive downer. A big part of me is baking (hence the weight!), it is truly one of my passions and I think I’m actually pretty good at it. I love nothing more than seeing someone enjoy something that I have created. When I’m in the kitchen I feel 10 years old again, standing next to my Mum watching her create a masterpiece and just being in complete awe. I lost my Mum in 2005 and I just find it so comforting doing something that she loved.  

Hi I'm Alice Spake
One thing I love about myself is my hair. It's one of the things I've always loved and when I'm having a bad day where nothing fits, my make up isn't going right or the world is coming down around me, if my hair is looking good then I'm alright. It's long, thick and easy to style and I'm a happy blonde at the moment too! At the moment I'm really unconfident about my weight. I'm the biggest I've been in a few years and it's due to me being in a happy place in my home, with my boyfriend and at work. The bakery I work next to doesn't help either. June is operation 'sort my life out' as I have too many pretty dresses hanging in my wardrobe that need to be worn. 

Hi everyone! I'm Beth.
I think this subject is so important because as girls, we often compare ourselves to other girls or think ''why can't I look like that?!''  I'll be honest and say I do it a hell of a lot! Nobody is perfect and the images we often see in magazines are all fiddled around with using photoshop and other editing programmes. We live in a world where our image is very important and people judge very quickly unfortunately. This may sound completely stupid to some of you and it might not be something that you should love about yourself but I love that I'm quite stupid and ditsy. I often say the wrong thing or say something ridiculous and my friends and family laugh at it but that's who I am. It's almost as if they think ''oh here goes Beth again!'' Without the ditsy and stupid part of me, I wouldn't be the Beth that I am! A flaw would definitely be my Anxiety. Anxiety plays a massive part in my life but again, it's part of who I am. Yes, it sometimes stops me from doing things I'd love to be able to do without a second thought but as I keep telling myself, nobody is perfect and it's part of who I am. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and nobody is perfect. Love & embrace what you have! 

Olivia Thristan

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