Beauty Bargains I've Picked Up & Mini Reviews.

 Recently I have picked up some amazing beauty bargains, and found 5 bargains under £3! It's not very often I go on a hunt for bargains but for the price even if they were the worst thing in the world it's worth a try, it's surprising the things you can find lurking in sales and cheap shops (b&m and pound world)

 Topshop Nail Varnish 50p
Firstly I hit the Topshop sale and found nail varnishes at 50p and considering how much they normally are I think that's a pretty good deal I am in love with the teal such a pretty colour, I love the nail varnishes and they're such a good consistency and easy to apply although I wouldn't wear the glitter on its own it does make a nice top coat for a night out on top of a red or black colour. 

Baby lips 99p
 Although I am not the biggest fan of baby lips, for 99p I thought I would give it another go. Plus with this packaging how can you say no?! I will never learn though this product is as disappointing as the first ones. I wouldn't recommended this product to anyone, and I'd give it a 2/10. Don't let that cute packaging pull the wool over your eyes!

Maybelline Dream Nude Air foam £2.99.
 Dream Nude Air-foam foundation, I've heard of this foundation a while ago but never picked any up and for £2.99 I thought I may as well, the foundation itself isn't the best to be honest, it feels lightweight on my skin which is obviously a bonus but it doesn't give a very full coverage. It is quite harder to apply than other foundation as it's not as easy to put on the back of your hand as how much comes out is completely unreliable and can often be more than you actually need. Although I do like it for the colour I am not keen on the coverage and wouldn't buy it again.

Collection Lasting Perfection Powder 99p
For 99p this is an amazing bargain and I have bought this powder for more than this in the past, it's such a great powder which gives you a great coverage and leaves a matte feel. I found this powder in many different shades and I was impressed by this, it is one of my favorite powders up with Rimmel Stay Matte powder which is a fiver so for 99p I am happy and will be on the look out for this again.
Olivia Thristan


  1. Where was everything from? (Apart from the Topshop nail varnishes?????????????)

  2. I love the Collection Powder. Been using it for years! :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  3. I quite like the the two Baby Lips I've got. They're not as moisturising as my Nivea butter balm, but it's not bad for a quid (I got mine from Poundland). I also got the Collection powder from the £1 shop, it's amazing. I actually like it better than the Rimmel one.

    Laura x |

  4. Baby Lips are definetely way too overpriced for what they are so unfortunately they do get a bad name x

  5. I always forget to look in the pound shops, i might have to go and have a rummage, you know me!
    love victoriajanex

  6. Great bargains!!! Wish I had a b&m store close to me - probably better for the bank balance that I don't though :)
    Brenda @

  7. Fantastic bargains! My sister got some amazing bargains in Boots the other day. You know the clearance bit hidden away that no-one ever looks at? She got 2 Essie polishes for £1! Definitely worth having a good look in store.x

  8. Oh wow those Topshop Polishes were an amazing bargain - fab find xx

  9. It's a shame you are not keen on babylips, I have always <3'd them so much.