W7 Full Time Lip Colour!*

Recently W7 were asking for bloggers to review their new lip product "Full Time Lip Colour" and I am a big fan of W7 make-up so I jumped at the chance to do so, when the product came it was a box and had a lip gloss end and a colour end, I have used another brands product with similar claims in the past so I had this in mind, I was pleasantly surprised with the result after applying just before lunch and it lasting most of the day whilst I was having a meal and also through drinks which a lot of lip products fail at. I am not usually one who wears Lip gloss due to them normally being too sticky but I was pleasantly surprised when it came to using this, the side of the box tells you how to apply the lip gloss for the best results, firstly you apply the colour to clean lips let it dry fully and then apply the gloss for an amazing result. I received the colour Soft Touch which is a brown colour, the colour itself isn't one I'd pick and I am not a fan of as I prefer bright colours the Lip gloss itself worked really well and I am excited to look into the other colours that they have in their collection. This product costs £3.49 which I think is a bargain and is a great rival for similar products on the market!

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