Tips for newbie bloggers.

I can't believe how long I've been blogging for, and it's so nice everyday to see new bloggers join our little community and it was good for me as when I started blogging I had my best friend who had been blogging for a while and she knew how to make basic layouts, what the chats were and how to buy my domain and helped me through all of the stuff which you need help with when you first start blogging. So what advice do I have for the those of you who have just started a blog or want to start one. 

1. The followers will come with time.
They won't come over night and it takes a lot of work to build up a big follow base, but it will happen my advice to you is share your link on twitter whenever you upload a new post, tweet or comment on posts letting other bloggers know that you like their work and they will appreciate that.

2. Join in the twitter chats.
This is one of my most important pieces of advice without this it limits how much you can get your blog out there, at the end of twitter chats people ask for blog links and it's a great chance to share your link with them and others but also for you to find out other great blogs.
A few twitter chats I join in with are: #lbloggers #fbloggers #bbloggers & of course my chat #bloggerspace. 

3. The power of social media. 
Twitter twitter twitter, one of the most important parts of my blog, every blogger should use twitter for a few friends, to share your links with other bloggers and companies who might be interested in your post if you are talking about their products, if you share it with them they might share it for you which always brings traffic to your blog! Remember to use hash tags to get it to a wider audience. 

4. Have fun
I can't stress enough how your blog is supposed to be fun, of course all of us want our blog to get popular and you can still do this but remember to always have fun with your blog and be yourself, post what you like and don't let anyone else tell you what to post, it's all about you, it's your space on the web afterall.


  1. Another tip that I'd add is that one-word-comments with your blog link added aren't apprechiated among other bloggers. Some people don't even look at the topic of the post and just paste a generic comment in the section below. I personally hate it and it's generally frowned upon iirc.
    I noticed that a lot of new people make this mistake and think no one notices. My tip would be: If you don't have anything sensible and nice to say, don't say anything at all.
    Also, don't include too many links in your comments. Blog link? Okay. FB / Twitter / Tumblr / Pinterest? Might be a little too much imho.

  2. Jess, I wish I'd had this post two years ago when I started out! I'll 100% be directing any newbie bloggers your way! xx

  3. Anonymous28/6/14

    Excellent tips and advice, thank you!

  4. Thank you for the tips and advice! I only started blogging a couple of weeks ago so I'm so glad I found this post :)

    Millie x

  5. Twitter chats are essential get some many tips and friends there. Fun as well, always gotta be fun

  6. I have definitely found out the power of twitter, it's amazing what it can do! I have took part in two chats now, my first one was a bit overwhelming though lol.