Sandal Lovin'*

Most of the year round I wear converse, I pretty much live in the 300 days of year but when summer comes around I love to wear pretty dresses with girly and pretty shoes, my favorite places to buy gorgeous girly shoes are House of Fraser, New Look & Dorothy Perkins. I love summer as you can experiment with all of the different styles and types of shoes which you normally can't in winter, I haven't always been a big fan of sandals I used to be more of a dolly shoes girl or still wore Doc Martens in summer but a few years ago my love for gladiator sandals and dressing girly transformed me and I now own several pairs of gorgeous sandals and flip flops!

I thought I would share today with you lovelies my favorite pair which are a pair of sandals called "Head Over Heels" and are from House Of Fraser and cost £29.00, they are in the style of sandals but have the bit in the middle like flip flops for extra support, it was close a call between the wood and the gold colour but I decided brown would go with more things. I am gutted that the first year in 3 I am not attending a festival or these would be perfect as they are easy to get on and off and comfy to wear (they don't look it but they really are) the only problem of course would be the rain but I remember when I went to Leeds fest there was actually a day of sun so these would be fab! I love the flowers and the gold blend of them, they look so pretty and are good all summer round, I am so happy with these sandals and they will be perfect along with my other 2 pairs of sandals for my Florida holiday! The only downside of the sandals are they do make your feet dirty after a while, so may be a slight put off, but other than that they're well worth the money and one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I've owned!

*I was sent a pair of sandals from House Of Fraser for my honest review


  1. They are really pretty, I love the detail x
    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk

  2. They are pretty....I need to buy some sandals....Last years are looking rather worn x

  3. Those are beautiful sandals x