Real Techniques Brushes Dupes!

About two weeks ago I purchased some dupe brushes which are SO similar to the Real Techniques brushes from Ebay for £2 each and free delivery and I was so excited when they arrived the other day as they are very similar to my Real Techniques brushes and almost as good quality also! Although I would recommend the Real versions to anyone as they are just so good, sometimes people can't afford the £8-10 per brush or £20 for a set so this is definitely a good cheaper alternative. I use a selection of their brushes including the buffing, powder and blusher brush as part of my daily routine and they're fab but I've had them for a while now and could do with some new ones, but I thought I would purchase them in the states so whilst I wait to go the states I thought I would test out these brushes and share the results with you lot! I can't find the exact ones I bought but I searched something like Blue Professional Styled Brushes and a lot of brushes came up, some in sets just like the Real Techniques if you are looking for the full set that is definitely cheaper but if you just want certain brushes like I did you can get them for around £2 each. 

When searching again now I found some quite good ones for £1.99 which look similar to the ones that I bought and you can get these here. When I opened my package of brushes I was shocked how similar they actually are to the real ones, the shape and everything is so similar, the hair of the brushes feels exactly the same, they are slightly less in line when it comes to the bristles, but they do the job just as well and are great for trying out if you aren't sure about buying a Real Techniques brush you can trial them with a cheaper alternative. although they aren't quite as good as Real Techniques for £2 you can't really complain.
Olivia Thristan


  1. They look lovely!! Nothjng beats a nice soft brush.

    Ash |

  2. Ooh I need to check these out! x


  3. These sound fab, the RT brushes are amazing but it's definitely nice to have a slightly cheaper alternative! :)

    Jess xo

  4. Well it definitely looks like you have found yourself a fabulous dupe x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

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  6. These look so nice! I'm hoping for the Real Techniques brushes for my birthday, but I might try these as well. You can never have too many brushes haha

  7. Although these sound great, nothing beats good quality brushes that last years!

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