NYX Eyeshadow Base Review.

Top to bottom: Nyx Base, With Grape & Faint on the base.

When I posted a picture of this as part of an NYX haul a few of you asked for a review of this product, so the NYX eyeshadow base costs £6.00 and you can get it in a variety of colours and I went for the white. What the product does is make eyeshadows stay on your eyes for longer and also makes them brighter, it creates a smooth base for you to apply your eyeshadow to, I have been looking for an eye primer for some time now and it was just about getting one which was worth the money and for £6.00 this is the cheapest one I found, I applied it with several different eyeshadows on top including my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette and my MUA The Artiste collection. I found it gave them both longer staying power which is my pain aim of the product but I also found it made them more vibrant, this is definitely a product which I would re-buy considering the price and how good it was, sometimes when you buy cheaper products they don't get the results but this definitely did. 

Olivia Thristan


  1. I'm after a new eyeshadow primer - might pick one up when I go to IMATS in a few weeks :) xx

  2. Might have to try this! Never ventured into shadow bases as of yet x


  3. I love this primer. I was so glad when I got my hands on it :D