Hey you it's okay not to be perfect #2

In 2014 the perception to be perfect is higher than ever, as part of a series on my blog as the post I wrote about my own struggles got a lot of attention from you guys I decided I would let other bloggers get involved and asked them to write their struggles but also things that they love about the way they look, a lot of people wanted to take part so I decided to split it into three different posts. Just a little reminder everyone has flaws but it doesn't matter about them it makes you who you are. People may look perfect on paper but in real life it's a completely different story. Just remember, it's okay not to be perfect!

Hi I'm Fun Size Blogger:
It's okay not to be perfect? You know that right? I love my height, although 4' 9" isn't ideal when you're in high school because everyone's taller, it's what makes me difference because I'm shorter. Of course I get names thrown at me like: midget and dwarf, but I love my height its a cute height, my friends say its a loveable, cutesy height haha. Although I like some parts about me, I do height my weight, if I weighed a few pounds less I would look much better. I can't wear tight fitted clothing because it makes me feel uncomfortable, but you have to look for the silver lining in everything and see it as an excuse to by comfier clothes hehe. Society isn't perfect, neither am I, neither are you, and that's okay because that's what makes us all unique and different.
 I love you lots like Jelly Tots, Katie.

Hi I'm Totally Lola:
If there is one thing that springs to mind that I actually don't mind about myself, it's probably my eye colour. Sounds odd, and what's even more absurd is that I don't really like my eye shape - just the colour. I have blue-green eyes that when photographed look quite pretty. Just my opinion anyway. People say that the eyes are "a gateway into the soul", and so I always wonder if people notice the one thing I like about myself, and if they think that having cool coloured (if the word cool is even socially acceptable anymore) eyes is a good thing - a good different. On the other hand, there are many things I dislike about myself, but I guess they come under one category: confidence. Or lack of it in my case. I think for most women (and men of course), confidence is hard to come by when needed most. For example, I'm still at school so having confidence in who I am as a person - what I look like, how I sound, where I'm from, if I'm clever or not - is a huge deal. I worry what people think about me too much, and it really annoys me, but it's pretty hard to change when you've got yourself in such a state of mind. I hope that I find a confidence in myself, and I also hope that I can encourage someone to have confidence in who they are no matter what.
Olivia Thristan


  1. This is a great idea, I would have loved to been involved! But is it all about how people look? Maybe having an aspect where people focus on their personalities? Cos no one is perfect there either but everyone should embrace their flaws! I should take my own advice haha, I'm not bothered about looks really at all, but I'm so concerned about being a good enough person and sometimes it drags me down so much and I beat myself up for not being "good enough".

    Some of my personality flaws are that i'm super sensitive - but this is good cos i'm more empathetic towards others. I am easily distracted, can't stick at one thing for too long - but also good 'cos I try many more things in life than someone who just settles into one thing! :) xoxo

  2. I actually really needed this reminder today - so thanks! I'm struggling with the whole.. make mistakes thing. Interesting how these are on appearance. I have things I really don't like about my appearance but I really beat myself up about the things I can and can't physically do, Still, if you have everything you want, what is there to work towards?

    Lizzums x

  3. I love this attitude, the most recent post of my blog demonstrates this point so much - it's a selection of photos of disabled models who might not have limbs, or look like the average person, but that doesn't matter, what matters is that they are not letting appearance or obstacles rule their lives. Thanks for sharing this positive message

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.blogspot.com