Foundations on a budget!

When it comes to foundation I am constantly on the look out for a foundation which I like as I am super picky with foundation and the coverage it gives me. I have been using the ELF flawless finish foundation & the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation for some time, neither of them are new out foundations or anything but they are both amazing for their price tag and the things that they do. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up.
When I first tried this foundation a couple of years ago I was a bit worried about the shimmer it gave when I put it on the back of my hand, applied it a few times but wasn't too keen. I came back to it in March of this year and for some reason really liked it, after applying it I think it gives my skin a gorgeous glow and doesn't look shimmery at all. When applying I did find that I needed an awful a lot around 2-3 pumps when I normally only need 1-2 which is a lot just to cover my entire face and I've only had it for just over a month and not even used it everyday and I can feel it running out. It does give an amazing lightweight finish though, I have the foundation in the shade ivory which is quite a light shade. It retails for £8.99 which is quite good for a foundation and I am always a big fan of Rimmel foundations, a big bonus for me about the this foundation is that is contains SPF15 which amazing for when you're out in the sun as you are already wearing some of protection on your face! 

ELF- Flawless Finish Foundation.
First thing I'd like to comment on about this product is the amazing packing, with the bottle being glass and with the black top I think it really feels like more of a premium product! This foundation has a semi matte finish which I quite like about it and it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily which is always a thumbs up of course! Even without a primer I feel this foundation has great staying power and stays in place all day, it does claim to be lightweight but I felt that it did feel quite heavy on my skin which is a bit of a downside but for such a gorgeous foundation with an amazing finish I think it's something I can deal with! The only other slight problem I had was trying to match myself up from the ELF website as when I got the foundation it looks very different from the one I picked on the website so if I was to order again I'd order a slightly lighter shade.

Olivia Thristan


  1. Ooh would love to try that Elf foundation. I like the Rimmel one too.

  2. Love the name of your blog! I have the rimmel foundation...I really love it.