Festival Guide!

As it is fast approaching festival season again I have decided to make a guide in order for you lovelies to check out in, whether its your first festival or you've been to loads I hope you'll enjoy my guide of all things festivals from my experience these are the things that I need/take with me although my guide may be completely wrong to some people, but if you are going to a festival this summer have fun and take care!

Dry Shampoo & Deodorant! 
My first tip for all of you beauty lovers is dry shampoo and a heck load of deodorant, of course you want to look the best you can but without showers I'd recommend taking a large bottle of dry shampoo and a lot of deodorant you can style out the messy hair with a floral headband a hell load of backcombing but there's no way to style out smell so just keep spraying yourself, but at the end of the day it's a festival and everyone is in the same boat and probably smells just as bad as you do!

Wellies & Raincoats & Ponchos
I am not a fan of rain coats and although I love wellies it's not acceptable to wear them everyday so at a festival I always buy some awesome wellies and have no shame wearing them all the time and it's better to wear a coat at a festival than any other type of jacket as they are light or one of those weird poncho things that you get at theme parks, although you look like a fool- you are sort of dry and you are living the festival experience to the full, which is the best bit of festivals.

Face Paint and Funny Hats!
So this isn't an essential but I always do it, bring a load of face paint and drawing some war paint on my face in the brightest colour I can find and buying one of the hats from the festival- I now have a collection of Zoo animals and hello kitty hats although they are quite expensive I always buy one, and then when I get home wonder why I did it, still awesome though- who doesn't love a cute hat!

That heading is really weird, but what I mean is don't go wearing your most expensive clothing as they are more than likely going to get ruin or lost, I always wear clothing I am not too bothered about I know if I wore my new expensive pair of shorts and they got mud stained or lost on the campsite i'd probably cry & wear shorts although it may be raining it still gets so hot stood in a crowd of people all day, I would never go in anything but! 

If you have any kind of smart phone you will know as well as me that the battery on them is terrible, my phone barely even lasts all day let alone a weekend or even 5 days, whereas the old nokia phones worth like £10 last for weeks, and you are less likely going to be upset if you loose it or gets stolen, and never ever take any expensive technology if you leave it in your tent it'll probably disappear just not worth the risk, and who needs an Ipad at a festival anyway, it's all about the experience.

                                                                Take food & water
If you are just going for the day I'd probably buy food in there arena as it's not too expensive but if you are staying for the whole 3-5 days it's definitely worth just taking a lot of food and water with you, at most places I've been to meals range between £5-10 and the drinks are between £2-10 it's definitely worth bringing your own along & don't forget to drink a lot of water (I sound like my mum right now) else you might pass out and no-one wants to miss the festival! 

Olivia Thristan


  1. Oh I'm meant to be going to a festively kind of thing in July , I wont be staying over but its kind of a all day to late night thing so these points are defiantly helpful :) I really want to do the war paint thing, ahah I always see people with that an I think its so
    cool !. x
    Cait || http://copycattt.blogspot.ie/

  2. I'm going to Wireless Festival this year, thank goodness it's no camping and i can go home every night! xo


  3. This is a perfect guide! I reckon loads of people forget the basic things so it's great you've written a little reminder!
    I'm gutted I'm not going to a festival this year! :( I was supposed to be going to Y Not but sadly I don't think I can make the dates! Are you heading to any festivals this summer? xx

  4. Your header is super cute, just needed to point that out!

    Love Jaimie xo

  5. such a great guide! And I love your new header btw, super cute xx

  6. I've just done a festival guide too :)

    Great tips !

  7. Great post :) I'm going isle of wight next week! Face paints are a must ;) xo

    amber love

  8. Loved this little guide, will come in handy :)

    Christina xx