Benefit They're Real*

For years now Benefit have always been a brand I love, one that I always return and one that I can't help but spend hours looking at their stand when I visit a department store. They have such a huge range of products ones which are actually worth the money as they work and always look fabulous, recently Benefit kindly sent me a package of goodies in an awesome package which is the colours of their "They're Real" collection, I have been aware of the mascara from this collection for some time now and I have gone through several of them as it is a mascara which gives you those big lashes without all the effort of several applications, I have tried a fair few mascaras during my time of owning they're real but I have never been quite as satisfied as I am with this fabulous mascara  if you are yet to try this mascara I recommend you do so, right now! 

They're Real Push-up Liner!*
So in my package I received the They're real eyeliner, this eyeliner is amazing for so many different reasons but the first being that it is gel eyeliner in pen form! I am yet to master liquid eyeliner in normal form and have been using different types of pen eye-liners for years and after reading about it and what is I knew I had to get my hands on one! Another good thing is the fact you click up the eyeliner and dispenses the gel so you only get as much out as you need and this is better than the pen liners as they tend to dry out quickly what I found out from using the eyeliner is that you barely need any, one click is enough for each eye meaning the product will be long lasting. You can create so many different eyeliner looks with the They're Real eyeliner without the hassle of the brush as we all know one eye ALWAYS looks different to the other. I found the eyeliner to be long lasting and was just what I needed in my life, I think the eyeliner is perfect for festival season as it lasts for so long and doesn't smudge and is super easy to apply with the AccuFlex™ tip which creates a smooth line with literally no effort. The eyeliner retails at £18.50 and is available to purchase from the 27th of this month!

They're Real Remover*
The final thing I received in my package was the They're Real Remover, I don't usually use cream like make-up removers but this has really changed my opinion on them, especially for long lasting make-up such as the they're real products they would require a lot of scrubbing with normal make-up remover, all you need is a tiny amount and put onto a cotton wool pad like normal remover and it is a gentle remover and takes a lot less scrubbing than any other remover I've tried as some eye make-up looks take a few cotton pads to take off! I have tried the remover with other brands such as my miss manga mascara and it just removes it so easily as I have always struggled to get my mascara off fully this is my new go to product. This product has not got a release date yet but will retail for £14.50.

This post contains PR samples*
Olivia Thristan


  1. I'm not a fan of the mascara (I've stabbed myself in the eye far too many times) and much prefer Bad Gal lash, but I'm so desperate to try the liner & remover! Luckily I'm going away on the 28th so I'll hopefully manage to nab it in duty free x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. I'm terrible with beauty, as i've never tried any benefit product don't kill me aaah!
    Sure looks good though:))

    love victoriajanex

  3. Fab recommendations! I adore all things Benefit, and this eyeliner looks AMAZING! I especially love the idea of clicking the gel as you go - because I love using pens but they dry out SO damn quickly! So this seems ace! Great post, thank you! :)

    Jemma x

  4. I really don't know whether to buy the liner or not - I love the mascara but I've heard mixed reviews! x <3

  5. I just don't know how I feel about this yet, for some reason it just looks tricker to use than a more conventional eye liner, still will probably want to try this out once it's out to compare though :) xx