A day trip to Blackpool!

It's weird that when this post goes live I'll once again be in Blackpool, I don't live anywhere near Blackpool but when it comes to the seaside it's a pretty close call between that and wales. My grandparents live fairly close to Blackpool so when it's nice weather and I go and visit them we often take a day trip down there, whilst there for the day we went to Madame Tussuads, had a little walk along the beach and ate some fab fish and chips! This is my first ever in a day in the life/ day out sort of post and is a bit different from my usual blog posts but as they say a picture is a 1000 words I decided to make this post full to the brim of pictures of my day!
 Let me know what to do whilst I'm in Blackpool again this week!

Have you ever visited Madame Tussards? 
If so who do you think looks the most realistic?

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  1. Never been to Madame Tussauds and I'm not sure I'm so fussed about it anymore. I don't think I'd know who most of the celebs were anyway.It's been ages since I was last in Blackpool but I'd like another trip there.