Real Techniques Brushes Dupes!

About two weeks ago I purchased some dupe brushes which are SO similar to the Real Techniques brushes from Ebay for £2 each and free delivery and I was so excited when they arrived the other day as they are very similar to my Real Techniques brushes and almost as good quality also! Although I would recommend the Real versions to anyone as they are just so good, sometimes people can't afford the £8-10 per brush or £20 for a set so this is definitely a good cheaper alternative. I use a selection of their brushes including the buffing, powder and blusher brush as part of my daily routine and they're fab but I've had them for a while now and could do with some new ones, but I thought I would purchase them in the states so whilst I wait to go the states I thought I would test out these brushes and share the results with you lot! I can't find the exact ones I bought but I searched something like Blue Professional Styled Brushes and a lot of brushes came up, some in sets just like the Real Techniques if you are looking for the full set that is definitely cheaper but if you just want certain brushes like I did you can get them for around £2 each. 

W7 Full Time Lip Colour!*

Recently W7 were asking for bloggers to review their new lip product "Full Time Lip Colour" and I am a big fan of W7 make-up so I jumped at the chance to do so, when the product came it was a box and had a lip gloss end and a colour end, I have used another brands product with similar claims in the past so I had this in mind, I was pleasantly surprised with the result after applying just before lunch and it lasting most of the day whilst I was having a meal and also through drinks which a lot of lip products fail at. I am not usually one who wears Lip gloss due to them normally being too sticky but I was pleasantly surprised when it came to using this, the side of the box tells you how to apply the lip gloss for the best results, firstly you apply the colour to clean lips let it dry fully and then apply the gloss for an amazing result. I received the colour Soft Touch which is a brown colour, the colour itself isn't one I'd pick and I am not a fan of as I prefer bright colours the Lip gloss itself worked really well and I am excited to look into the other colours that they have in their collection. This product costs £3.49 which I think is a bargain and is a great rival for similar products on the market!

Tips for newbie bloggers.

Sandal Lovin'*

Most of the year round I wear converse, I pretty much live in the 300 days of year but when summer comes around I love to wear pretty dresses with girly and pretty shoes, my favorite places to buy gorgeous girly shoes are House of Fraser, New Look & Dorothy Perkins. I love summer as you can experiment with all of the different styles and types of shoes which you normally can't in winter, I haven't always been a big fan of sandals I used to be more of a dolly shoes girl or still wore Doc Martens in summer but a few years ago my love for gladiator sandals and dressing girly transformed me and I now own several pairs of gorgeous sandals and flip flops! I thought I would share today with you lovelies my favorite pair which are a pair of sandals called "Head Over Heels" and are from House Of Fraser and cost £29.00, they are in the style of sandals but have the bit in the middle like flip flops for extra support, it was close a call between the wood and the gold colour but I decided brown would go with more things. I am gutted that the first year in 3 I am not attending a festival or these would be perfect as they are easy to get on and off and comfy to wear (they don't look it but they really are) the only problem of course would be the rain but I remember when I went to Leeds fest there was actually a day of sun so these would be fab! I love the flowers and the gold blend of them, they look so pretty and are good all summer round, I am so happy with these sandals and they will be perfect along with my other 2 pairs of sandals for my Florida holiday! The only downside of the sandals are they do make your feet dirty after a while, so may be a slight put off, but other than that they're well worth the money and one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I've owned!

*I was sent a pair of sandals from House Of Fraser for my honest review

A day trip to Blackpool!

It's weird that when this post goes live I'll once again be in Blackpool, I don't live anywhere near Blackpool but when it comes to the seaside it's a pretty close call between that and wales. My grandparents live fairly close to Blackpool so when it's nice weather and I go and visit them we often take a day trip down there, whilst there for the day we went to Madame Tussuads, had a little walk along the beach and ate some fab fish and chips! This is my first ever in a day in the life/ day out sort of post and is a bit different from my usual blog posts but as they say a picture is a 1000 words I decided to make this post full to the brim of pictures of my day!
 Let me know what to do whilst I'm in Blackpool again this week!

Have you ever visited Madame Tussards? 
If so who do you think looks the most realistic?

Revlon Shadow Links

When I saw these in boots I had to snap some of them up, and when I say these I mean the Revlon Shadow Links, if you are sat there wondering what on earth I am going on about- well I am going on about a product which I love the idea for. Revlon have released some of their colour stay range as individual eyeshadows which can also click together to make your very own personal palette with the colours which you want. At the moment they are 3 for 2 in boots or buy one get one half price in superdrug and are selling for £2.99 which is a bargain for an eye shadow especially a Revlon one. I picked up a range of different colours from brown to blue and there is around 20 different shades to choose from, I love the fact that you can click them together to make your own personal palette or different ones, I hope to get more bright shades and make a separate one for my nude and highlighter colours. The eye shadows themselves are long lasting and great quality like most Revlon products, I am very impressed with this product and I do love the way they click together so easily so simple but such a good idea!  

Every Summer Has It's Own Story.

Last week I finished my first year at university which has flown by which means apart from working part time I have a lot of spare time to enjoy the summer, which is why I decided to make a list of things to do this Summer during my spare time, it does sound very similar to new years resolutions but for summer and these are just things I want to do whilst I have the time. 

So here's my little list: 
Take a picture at least once a day of something random and compile into a book at the end.
Become obsessed with a song, so I can always remember this Summer.
Vlog whilst in Florida.
Drop TWO dresses (ambitious much?!) 
Treat myself to a whole new wardrobe. 
Spend as much time as possible with my friends.
Try some new drinks, only so many times a girl can drink vodka and diet coke!
Teach myself some new make-up looks.
Dye my hair, suggest a colour which you think lovelies?
Do something I've never done before- Be adventurous. 

Like I said at the start of the post it sounds just like the start of a new year, I do hope I can complete some of these things on my list, I would love to know if you lovelies have any summer goals or things you want to do this summer, if you do let me know in the comments and give me colour suggestions for my hair! 

Oh my Gosh You Made Some Make-up*

In December 2013 GOSH ran a competition via Instagram for two winners to make their own make-up product and one of the products was a lipstick and the other was a nail varnish. The competition was simple all they had to do was take pictures of objects they loved and that would be turned into a make-up item, pretty cool huh? Danielle said the image for her nail varnish was originally a close up of her little boys monsters inc toy and Ellens lipstick is based on a piece of statement jewellery which I think is gorgeous, I need to get my hands on the lipstick by Ellen looks like a colour I'd wear on a daily basis! They are available in Superdrug stores to buy and the Danielle Nail Varnish is £3.99 and the lipstick is £6.49.   

Moddershall Oaks*

If you read my blog regularly you will be aware that I have been doing a wedding series on my blog, and as today's series I will be talking about gorgeous venue which is local to myself Moddershall Oaks. The venue is situated in 72 acres of picturesque woodland ground which is absolutely gorgeous, a real picture perfect venue. The prices are amazing for the venue which is offered and what they do for you, I have become obsessed with weddings after watching so many re-runs of Don't tell the bride, looking at all of the pictures of the venue and their website it is definitely the sort of place I would want my wedding at (if I ever have one of course).

Perfect for any season as it would look equally as gorgeous in Summer as it would in Winter, if you are looking for a wedding venue and you are looking in the Staffordshire area I'd recommend looking at this beautiful venue. With lots of different food options for different prices, and lots of yummy food options I know I wouldn't mind feasting on some of their food if I was invited to a wedding at this venue.  Moddershall Oaks offer weddings seven days a week so you are able to find that one perfect date for you, whether you are looking for a weekday wedding in the summer or a weekend one in the winter. Moddershall Oaks also have a list of different packages to fit in with different budgets.

Sponsored post all thoughts and opinions my own*

May Degustabox*

I recently was offered the chance to review a different type of subscription box on my blog, a food one and I mean come on who doesn't love food being delivered to your door, and on this occasion who doesn't love free food! Degustabox is a monthly food subscription box for £12.99 including postage and you receive a huge range of different products, when un-boxing mine I was familiar with a few brands but others not so much which is great as it means I get to try new products as well.  The box included cake release spray, pasta and Hornsby's cider! Some of the products which didn't appeal to me appealed to my boyfriend or my family which is always good. I used the Pasta and passata to make a lovely veggie pasta dish for me and my family which was super yummy. I love the way it comes in a bottle so it's easy to pour out what you need and save it in the fridge for later. I was very impressed with my contents of my Degustabox and for £12.99 I'd consider buying it again again the future, as most of the stuff in box went within a week and it's always fun receiving food in the post!

The Bathory*

I was recently contact by Laura from the Bathory* who write a lovely email telling about the recent launch of the Bathory and offered me the chance to make my own soak. So what is the Bathory I hear you ask, well you make your own bath soak to suit your mood, the website is amazing and so simple to navigate around- you pick. First you pick the sort of bath you are looking to have from the three options: Bask, Soothe or Detox once you've made your choice it leads you to a selection of different oils to choose from the is a choice at the top of what you want to feel, including happy, sexy and confident, I chose confident and there is a selection of different oils to choose from and the website tells you which go well together or you can go competeley random and pick whichever you like the sound of, to make your own is £18.00 and they ship world wide to the UK it takes 1-2 and delivery is free and just two days later I had my very own come through my door & it smells lush and you get such a big pot it is enough to last you a good few months. 

Gym Shoes Wishlist!

So yesterday me and my lovely best friend Char joined this gym, this is something we've both wanted to do for some time to loose a bit of weight after looking back at old pictures we decided it was something we wanted to do, so we went and visited a womens only gym and well signed up! I am going to Florida in a few months and as well as doing Weight Watchers and I thought this would be next move, so where next? Of course picking some gym clothes and I mean they're not the most flattering thing in the world but I still want some nice gym clothes (might even do a post in my gym clothes!) but the thing I want to spend the most money on is a pair of shoes. Looking online I've fell in love with several pairs of shoes and I would love them all, but sadly some of them are out of my price range, but I can wish right? If you know any places where you can get reasonably priced gym shoes, let me know in the comments. 

Sachets And More

Sachets And More are a company that specialize all in small versions of big products which if you are going on holiday this summer it is super useful to have smaller versions as they obviously take up less room in your bag/suitcase, these are perfect if you are going to festivals as you only need little samples as you are going for a few days. I am obsessed with sample sizes of products as they are great for two things, firstly they are great for trialing products for like shampoo and conditioner it sucks to buy a full sized one and you don't like it so have wasted a good amount of money which you didn't need to and secondly for taking up as little room as possible in your suitcase! Sachets and more kindly send me a huge selection of samples to review, my favorite were the selection of make-up remover wipes they sent me- including one for waterproof make-up as when you're on holiday you wear waterproof mascara to protect yourself from looking like a panda after swimming in the pool! The cute little marmite which I need to get many more of for my trip to the states as I LOVE marmite and I don't even know if you can get it out there?! Cute little bottles of Pantene shampoo and conditioner, which are super handy for an overnight bag I don't think they will last me two weeks in the States though! A mini deodorant which handy for my bag as I always buying the big ones and struggling to get them in my bag, a mini kit with cotton wool balls/pads and some cotton swabs always good to carry around to remove nail varnish & as you can see from the picture a load more amazing sample sized products!

*I was sent samples to review as part of my post, opinions 100% honest. 

Barry M Limited Edition Nail Paints

For as long as I can remember I have always bought nail varnish from Barry M, I own so many different types of Nail Varnish ones and I've always loved the fact that they do bright nail varnish, floral nail varnish and pretty much any colour you could ever wish for. Barry M have recently released two new gorgeous limited edition nail varnishes which are available to buy from Superdrug tomorrow,  and they are super gorgeous for summer! They in the shades Seaside and Promenade and I think they are beyond pretty, they are both very glittery and when the sun catches them it looks stunning. They are limited edition and come in a super cool bottle with a white top and hearts on! Cute right?!  They are only able to be bought until the 1st of July so if you want to get your hands on these beauties you better get your hands on them quickly before they sell out or if you spend £6 on Barry M at Superdrug you can get one of them for free! 

 Which is your favorite shade let me know in the comments!
*this post contains PR samples

Method Disney Hand Washes

Aren't those just the cutest things you've ever seen? (except bunnies and kittens of course) they're actually hand washes, who would think hand wash is actually something to get excited about? Yeah not me either! But they're not just any hand wash they're Method Disney Hand Wash. A little break down about Method, they are against dirty people and have a huge range of different products in amazing shapes and sizes which smell amazing, and I first found out about method at work after putting them through the till many of times and thinking how cool are these bottles? They are made from non toxic ingredients meaning after hours of cleaning you won't have stinging eyes, you'll actually enjoy cleaning with these beauties! I have them in my bathroom(s) and I have a feeling they aren't going to last too long with family, even my boyfriend is using them! Everyone loves the smell of the hand washes! After being sent Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse ones a couple of weeks ago I can already feeling them going down, but after they run out I can wash them out and use them for something else I have moisturizer in mind at the moment, might be a tad strange but I am not throwing out the bottles they're far too amazing, The Mickey Mouse hand wash smells of lemonade, it's such a sweet summery smell, if you could bottle a scent of summer and then make it into a hand wash this is the one! The Minnie Mouse one smells of strawberries and reminds me of some of the lipsticks that I own, again another summery smell! I don't think I've ever washed my hands as much as I have done with these hand washes, and as for Method they're an awesome brand they should keep making amazing hand products, if you want to buy any Method products you can buy them at Sainsburys, Tesco, B&Q and John Lewis.