Wishlist Wednesday Ikea Edition!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I am obsessed with Ikea, even when I am not even looking for anything I will still go around and look and picture my dream house for the future, I see all the white furniture and how lovely the rooms look and take a mental note, although I don't have my own home yet some of you will do and I have complied a list of the gorgeous little bits and pieces you need in your life from Ikea. 

Wall Clock (Similar here)
Candle Holder (Similar here)
Milk Bottle Vase (Similar here)
Lampshade (Not similar but super cute one here)

*All images belong to Ikea.


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  2. I love ikea, have one of the milkbottle vases think they're brilliant

  3. LOVE the mirror! x


  4. Ikea is so addictive and such good value for money! :)

  5. Why why whyyy did i not think of browsing ikea when i did my homeware wish list?...these are great! I love the little candle holder :) Btw how do you make your wish lists? :) x
    | Life as a Petite |

    1. I know they're so cute, I make my wishlists on Photoshop hun :) xx

  6. I've bought the white lantern and some similar looking glass jars! Ikea is sooo good! xxx


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