Wishlist Wednesday- Boots Edition!

Most people will have read that and if you are a beauty blogger gone straight to the shop which if that is what you did, you are right. If you imagined a wishlist full of shoes then I'm afraid not! I am very impressed with myself as although there is a 3 for 2 on make-up at boots I have decided to avoid it and have not bought any items *que the round of applause* on a slightly more serious note I have decided to make a wishlist of all the things I would of bought not saving for my holiday! 

1. I have recently run out of my all time favorite mascara, and decided I fancied a change and although the packaging for this caught my eye I have heard some amazing things about it as well! 
2. I love the idea of nail varnish that smells, Revlon you are amazing, I don't know why but I think they should smell good, rather than the nail varnish smell we get! I love the idea of my nails smelling of cherries and other gorgeous flavours, who doesn't love something a bit different hey? 
3. This Sleek blush palette is super gorgeous and I think it has the perfect selection of colours, it looks like something that should be high end, but with the bargain price tag! 
4. It has taken everything I have not to go into boots and buy every single one of these Barry M lip crayons as they look like a such good quality product and the colours are bright which is what I love.
5. I am yet to try anything from Smashbox, (wait until I head out to the states) but this lipstick looks super gorgeous to me, at £15.50 it is something I would definitely buy and the colour is lush.
6. I have been wanting to try the L'Oreal Nude Magique Foundation for some time now, the fact that is in a glass bottle makes it stand out as it looks like a luxury product, the fact that is referred to as a nude foundation draws my attention as I am always looking for a light foundation! 
Olivia Thristan


  1. Oh my god i need to try Barry M's lip crayons!! It's a must
    love victoriajanex

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  3. That Revlon nail polish looks fab, the packaging is gorgeous! My sister uses that foundation and she has repurchased so many times, she loves it. I know that's only one person lol but hopefully you'll like it too :)

    Gem x