Review| Beauty Naturals.

If you haven't heard of Beauty Naturals, you are seriously missing out! Beauty Naturals are an amazing online store which supply lots of organic and natural products. Selling lots of beauty and cosmetic products for low prices. I recently got sent a bundle of their make-up and fell in love. I received some of their herbal range, which includes their matte blush, curls rule mascara, tinted lip balm and lip liner! Their Matte blushes are amazing I often find they can bit a hit or miss and sometimes make me look a clown but this colour is so perfect for me and blends really well, I fell in love with their curls rule mascara after my first attempt of using it, I often struggle with mascara which doesn't have a curved brush but I felt this Mascara gave me the same feel as any other with a curved brush giving me big bold lashes. Now on to the their tinted lip balms, I was amazed after visiting their site how many gorgeous and bold colours there is, I will definitely be placing an order in the near future (even more so due to the free delivery!) and finally their lip liners to be honest I don't really wear lip liners, but I have given it to my mum who loves and says it goes in really well and is a lovely colour so thumbs up there! Overall I think Beauty Naturals have some very good products which are as good as any others that I've tried and that their prices are amazing.

Olivia Thristan


  1. I love that they're all natural. so great to see more companies using natural ingredients in their product! that lip colour looks lovely!

  2. You know what's funny is that Palladio is sold in our Sally's Beauty Supply stores here in the US but I never knew they were a natural brand! How do you like the mascara?? I got it once but it kept clumping...

    Peace, Love & Glitter,
    Ana Liza | Our Sunday's Best

  3. I need to try this brand now! Any idea if they have plans to extend their range?

    Holly xx