My English Summer Review*

What is My English Summer I hear you ask, well my English Summer are a handcrafted online shop who sell the cutest pretty little things, such as bath bombs, soaps and hand creams. All of their little bath products look like sweet little cakes and they look good enough to eat. Their Bath Bombs are filled with cocoa butter and when you put them in your bath as well as being amazing for moisturizing they give off a beautiful scent. When I look at their products I think of a tea party with little tea cups and saucers and cute little cakes. I've been using the hand cream for a few weeks and it is amazing, and smells gorgeous too, and I love it comes in a little pot which I can just pop in my bag!  Their Fancy Soaps are the cutest thing ever and would be perfect for wedding favors, all of you lovelies getting married this year, definitely an amazing place to look. If you are looking for something cute for your bath this is the place to look.

Olivia Thristan

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