25 May 2014

Money Saving Tips For Those Who Love To Spend!

If you are reading this the chances are that you are a blogger, and what I've noticed since being a blogger is that I've spent SO much more money on things which I never did before, not saying this is a bad thing I love buying countless lipsticks and owning 10 foundations it's all good, but as I am going to Florida in August and want to start saving for a car I really need to cut down the spending a tad, not saying I won't buy multiple lipsticks but I how I can afford to do that and save money as well? Well I've compiled a list of tips of things that help me save money but still get the things I love.

TIP ONE: Advantage Cards.
Nowadays for most high street stores you can get advantage cards for pretty much anywhere, from Boots to Cafe Nero, everyone has points cards and whether I shop there a lot or a little I have one, this does mean my purse is full of cards and slips of card but it's worth it when you have up enough points to get that lipstick you've wanted, meals for free after saving up those club card points & a free coffee at your favorite coffee shop, it all adds up! I'm not saying get a card for everything but it's worth having some you'll be surprised how fast the points add up. 

TIP TWO: Shop Online.
Now some people will think it's so much easier to waste money online shopping but for me it's actually the opposite, when in a shop I usually fill up my basket and go to the till without a second thought, online shopping is good for two reasons. One is there is often better offers online which you don't get in stores like 25% off if you buy 5 products and even though you have to pay for delivery there are some sites online to find free delivery codes. Secondly when adding up in your basket online it will say the amount of the contents in your basket and when you see the number online I always think wow that's a lot! And often take things out or don't purchase at all as I've had time to think about it and thought do I really need this? & It's often a no.

TIP THREE: Pay Cash.
This a bit of a strange one, but if you pay cash you are more aware of the money you are using if you buy something and just put it on your debit or credit card it's like it didn't really happen, if you see the money in your purse disappearing that normally shocks me more, I can avoid looking at my bank balance after a big purchase and not give it a second thought but if I know I'm running out of cash I know I've spent too much. Secondly if you put things on store cards all the time it ends up mounting up into a big bill and if you forget to pay it off the interest on those things are sky high, definitely worth buying things that you can afford at that time.

TIP FOUR: Put change in jars.
My fourth and final tip is one I have been doing for a while, for my savings for America I have three different tins to put money into, all of the tins there is no way for me to get into them without smashing them, so they're staying in there. I have one for £2&£1, one of silver and the other for 2ps and the fact they are starting to feel heavy is inspiring me to keep putting money in there, although all I want to do is count out all of the pounds! But I know it'll be worth it when I have money in America to spend on MAC lipsticks and in Sephora.


  1. I need to use these tips!


  2. I need to try these although online shopping for me is dangerous territory I defo go more overboard online than I ever would in store :) x


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  4. These tips are good! Defiantly going to have to use these!xo

  5. Good post Jess! I always make the debit card mistake...it's devastating to my bank account! xx

  6. I'm terrible at using my card for everything. Will have to switch to cash for sure!

    Laura | www.lelore.com

  7. I agree on the point about online shopping. It happens to me especially in cosmetic stores with relatively small single prices that I put in and in and then get the harsh surprise at the check out. Bam. But but, how did that happen, it's just little stuff?

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  8. Great tips! Thanks for sharing them! I need to save some money as well if I want to be able to go on holiday this summer!

  9. I love the idea of putting them in jars! I use a piggy bank for my coppers, but I might start one for pound coins now, instead of spending them on sweets!

  10. Another tip! Use cashback sites eg Quidco. You get like 5-20% of your money back! :) x

  11. Really handy post hun x

  12. REALLY good post, exactly what I needed x