John Frieda Review*

Like most girls I spend hours perfecting my hair before I leave the house, this involves washing and straightening my hair on a daily basis and as my hair is getting longer this adds minutes on to the clock when wanting to go out in a hurry it just doesn't happen. I recently got the chance to review some John Frieda hair products, Gloss brilliance shampoo & conditioner, Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil & Miraculous Recovery. So what did I think of these products? The Shampoo and Conditioner, I did actually notice a difference in my hair after using them for 3 weeks, my hair felt glossier and had a gorgeous shine to it, it left my hair feeling soft which isn't often a feeling I get with my hair which is a major plus for me! Does it do what is says on the bottle? I'd say so as it claims to give you an illuminating shine and it definitely does that to my hair. My hair has been in need of a Miraculous Recovery for some time now, it's just dead at the ends and my hair been feeling limp but the good thing is this treatment actually worked on my hair! I have started using it on my hair every week and my hair feels silky smooth after washing it out, which is always a good thing right?  Finally the nourishing hair oil, until recently I haven't been a big fan of hair oil as I've been too scared to try it incase it makes my hair extra greasy, but I finally decided to try it and I am currently a bit annoyed with myself for not trying it sooner as it definitely has made a difference to my hair, which I honestly didn't think it could considering it's oil in your hair? But that's just me being an idiot and this product has made me want to try all of the different hair oils out there! After using John Frieda products for a few weeks I am definitely more than impressed and plan to buy them again in the near future as I have noticed my hair is in a much better condition and feels like it has a lot more life in it! 

Have you tried any John Frieda products? If so what did you think? 

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Olivia Thristan


  1. have you tried the 3 day straight? I think its really good. I also like the new red bottled 3 day straight one I think its treseme? I have noticed I'm quicker at doing my hair even though it is long and thick. :-)

  2. John Fredia hair care always gets in right. I swear by the Go Blonder range too, complete hair saviour!

    Belle ♥
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  3. I used to use this a few years ago. I might just have to repurchase these again :)