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Monday, 26 May 2014

Recently I went out with one of my very lovely blogger friends Katrina, to a restaurant I've heard lots about but never actually been myself, Handmade Burger Co. All of the food is made fresh in the restaurant and that gives it an extra special touch. I ordered myself a Cajun Vegetable and Bean burger and a side of Cajun chips (bit of a Cajun theme goin' on) and Katrina had Chicken Skewers, two corn on the cob and a side of chips! The restaurant has 40 burgers to choose from, so something for everyone! I'm not a vegetarian but I normally pick the veggie option off of the menu and I had so much choice I was stuck between two options for a while before finally making my choice! The side of chips was easy though who doesn't love hand cut fresh chips, mmm. 

Around the restaurant there are many things telling you how the burgers are made and it has cute little diagrams on them and I find it interesting and I always like to know when my food is fresh and where it has come from. Warning, do not read this post if you are hungry some irresistible food below! When our burgers came out we did the typical blog thing and took at least 40 pictures of them before eating, which was torture as I was starving and it looked so good! I under estimated how hot Cajun would be and ended up having 3 Diet Cokes, good thing it was unlimited hey? But it was so nice all the same, got to say it's up there with the top of the veggie burgers I've had in my time and the chips were something else, so yummy! Katrina's meal also looked lush and even had something to cater her strange eating habits of only eating chicken and chips! To finish off the meal with both had the brownie and waffle sundae which didn't take as much deciding, I am in love with anything which involves waffles, and brownie and waffle together is such an amazing combo, I couldn't finish all of my dessert though as it was such a generous portion or eyes bigger than your belly are my grandma would say! I had such a lovely time at Handmade Burger Co and the staff were so lovely, checking if your food was okay and if you needed anything else and there was lots of smiles which although you'd expect every restaurant you don't often get amazing service, but here I definitely did and left with a smile on my face! I just wanted to say thank you to the Handmade Burger Co for letting me try their gorgeous food and for the lovely service that we received I will be back in the near future, if you've never been a Handmade Burger Co before you're missing out!


*This meal was complimentary for reviewing purposes all thoughts are my own and 100% honest.


  1. I love that place I took a group of international visitors abd they really loved it x

  2. I love the handmade burger co! Their burgers are the BEST meat & their chips are amazing. Next time you have to try the sliders, tnat are really good....I'm going to have to go there soon aren't I? Lol


  3. I love this place, I'm a vegetarian and I find it hard to find places to eat with lots of options but this place is amazing. The chips are delicious.

    sammy xx

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  5. I am a huge fan of this place! Sadly I am usually so bloated after a burger and chips I never make it to the desert menu :( Look's like next time I'm going to have to man up and give it a go!
    Rosie x

  6. That food looks so yummy!
    40 different types of burgers seems crazy too!
    Jess x

  7. Oh lord all mighty, the food looks delicious. I AM SO HUNGRY NOW xx

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  8. 40 burgers to choose from - that is crazy!!!! Sooo adding this to my list of places I need to go, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Great post!


  9. yum! i love this place, i haven't yet tried any of their deserts but that looks mighty fine.
    Cydney x

  10. Me and my friend go there all the time it is my favorite restaurant and the food is so good.

    Gaby x


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