20 May 2014

A little bit of American Beauty!

If you follow my blog or know me on a personal level you may know that my dad travels a lot for his job, which sucks in some aspects but in others it's fab it means I can send him to shops and get me products for a lot cheaper than over here in the UK, when he was over recently I sent him to a drugstore and asked him to pick up a few bits, some of these bits are available in the UK but they are like 30% cheaper in the states, to be fair this is quite a small haul compared to the other times I've sent my dad shopping, I did ask him to buy some food related goodies but he didn't have the time *boo* So the first lipstick I'm not even sure what it is all I know is that it is a Revlon one in a gorgeous red shade called "Cherry Blossom" every time I am looking online at lipsticks for my dad to buy I always ask for the ones with cherry in the name just because they sound to gorgeous, I did expect this lipstick to be some shade of pink but it's actually red, but in a way that's good as I seem to have a shortage of red lipsticks in my collection.

Next is the NYX butter lipstick, I went for this because of the title butter lipstick, sounds like it moisturizing and sweet, I went for Cotton Candy, who doesn't want a lipstick named after Candy Floss, and it lives up to the expectations, feels soft and is the closest lipstick I've ever seen to candy floss! Color Whisper, I do own two of these already so I know that I love them, they're always bright pretty colours and I have a bright pink and an orange one so I went for pin up peach as once again I liked the name, slightly disappointed with this one as it's not really a peach colour more of a light pink, but I still will always be in love with the Color Whispers and will be buying a lot more when I visit the states myself! I know for a fact you can buy these here in the UK and that's the Burt's Bees Lip Balms, I've seen this a few times and considered buying and it just never did, I decided it was about time I changed that, it is a dark pink lip balm and leaves a lovely colour on your lips and leaving them feeling so soft, I can't believe it has taken me this long to buy it, to be honest, but I am super glad I did! Finally this something I have seen in boots and nearly picked up on more than one occasion is the great lash mascara from Maybelline, I love the packaging and that drew me to it, I am yet to use this mascara but I will be posting a full review on my blog sometime in the next few weeks as you can buy it yourself, let me know what you think if you own it. Slightly longer post than what I usually write but I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Anonymous20/5/14

    Ooo I really want one of the NYX Butter Lipsticks! Please write a review on it in the near future please? ^_^

    Lovely little haul you have here. :)


  2. It's amazing that your dad does that for you hahaha so lovely of him! Xxx

  3. I have that Maybelline mascara and its brill.