My First Domino's!

This is by far the most random post I've ever written, now some of you may of read the tittle and be in utter shock, I am nineteen years old and until last night I'd never had a Domino's! Which even I admit is strange as I am the biggest pizza lover ever, so after hearing so many times that I NEED to try one I finally did, and oh my life, it was the best pizza I think I have ever tasted it's in a whole new league of pizza. Now why am I writing this is a post, two reasons first being I am a blogger and what's the fun in having a blog if I can't write about things! Secondly I wrote about it on twitter as a joke and decided it was actually quite a funny post idea, so here we are. So for my first Domino's I have a veggie supreme and a side of twisted doughballs but my boyfriend had demolished most of them before I had a chance to take a picture. Even my cat was looking at the pizza like "what is this greatness!" So basically my first Domino's tasted absolutely amazing and that garlic and herb dip it is to die for it's insanely amazing for crust dipping! 

What is your favorite domino's side?

Handmade Burger Co

Recently I went out with one of my very lovely blogger friends Katrina, to a restaurant I've heard lots about but never actually been myself, Handmade Burger Co. All of the food is made fresh in the restaurant and that gives it an extra special touch. I ordered myself a Cajun Vegetable and Bean burger and a side of Cajun chips (bit of a Cajun theme goin' on) and Katrina had Chicken Skewers, two corn on the cob and a side of chips! The restaurant has 40 burgers to choose from, so something for everyone! I'm not a vegetarian but I normally pick the veggie option off of the menu and I had so much choice I was stuck between two options for a while before finally making my choice! The side of chips was easy though who doesn't love hand cut fresh chips, mmm. 

Around the restaurant there are many things telling you how the burgers are made and it has cute little diagrams on them and I find it interesting and I always like to know when my food is fresh and where it has come from. Warning, do not read this post if you are hungry some irresistible food below! When our burgers came out we did the typical blog thing and took at least 40 pictures of them before eating, which was torture as I was starving and it looked so good! I under estimated how hot Cajun would be and ended up having 3 Diet Cokes, good thing it was unlimited hey? But it was so nice all the same, got to say it's up there with the top of the veggie burgers I've had in my time and the chips were something else, so yummy! Katrina's meal also looked lush and even had something to cater her strange eating habits of only eating chicken and chips! To finish off the meal with both had the brownie and waffle sundae which didn't take as much deciding, I am in love with anything which involves waffles, and brownie and waffle together is such an amazing combo, I couldn't finish all of my dessert though as it was such a generous portion or eyes bigger than your belly are my grandma would say! I had such a lovely time at Handmade Burger Co and the staff were so lovely, checking if your food was okay and if you needed anything else and there was lots of smiles which although you'd expect every restaurant you don't often get amazing service, but here I definitely did and left with a smile on my face! I just wanted to say thank you to the Handmade Burger Co for letting me try their gorgeous food and for the lovely service that we received I will be back in the near future, if you've never been a Handmade Burger Co before you're missing out!


*This meal was complimentary for reviewing purposes all thoughts are my own and 100% honest.

Money Saving Tips For Those Who Love To Spend!

If you are reading this the chances are that you are a blogger, and what I've noticed since being a blogger is that I've spent SO much more money on things which I never did before, not saying this is a bad thing I love buying countless lipsticks and owning 10 foundations it's all good, but as I am going to Florida in August and want to start saving for a car I really need to cut down the spending a tad, not saying I won't buy multiple lipsticks but I how I can afford to do that and save money as well? Well I've compiled a list of tips of things that help me save money but still get the things I love.

TIP ONE: Advantage Cards.
Nowadays for most high street stores you can get advantage cards for pretty much anywhere, from Boots to Cafe Nero, everyone has points cards and whether I shop there a lot or a little I have one, this does mean my purse is full of cards and slips of card but it's worth it when you have up enough points to get that lipstick you've wanted, meals for free after saving up those club card points & a free coffee at your favorite coffee shop, it all adds up! I'm not saying get a card for everything but it's worth having some you'll be surprised how fast the points add up. 

TIP TWO: Shop Online.
Now some people will think it's so much easier to waste money online shopping but for me it's actually the opposite, when in a shop I usually fill up my basket and go to the till without a second thought, online shopping is good for two reasons. One is there is often better offers online which you don't get in stores like 25% off if you buy 5 products and even though you have to pay for delivery there are some sites online to find free delivery codes. Secondly when adding up in your basket online it will say the amount of the contents in your basket and when you see the number online I always think wow that's a lot! And often take things out or don't purchase at all as I've had time to think about it and thought do I really need this? & It's often a no.

TIP THREE: Pay Cash.
This a bit of a strange one, but if you pay cash you are more aware of the money you are using if you buy something and just put it on your debit or credit card it's like it didn't really happen, if you see the money in your purse disappearing that normally shocks me more, I can avoid looking at my bank balance after a big purchase and not give it a second thought but if I know I'm running out of cash I know I've spent too much. Secondly if you put things on store cards all the time it ends up mounting up into a big bill and if you forget to pay it off the interest on those things are sky high, definitely worth buying things that you can afford at that time.

TIP FOUR: Put change in jars.
My fourth and final tip is one I have been doing for a while, for my savings for America I have three different tins to put money into, all of the tins there is no way for me to get into them without smashing them, so they're staying in there. I have one for £2&£1, one of silver and the other for 2ps and the fact they are starting to feel heavy is inspiring me to keep putting money in there, although all I want to do is count out all of the pounds! But I know it'll be worth it when I have money in America to spend on MAC lipsticks and in Sephora.

All About NYX

When I first found about NYX I spent at least ten minutes in trying to say the name out loud and it was only until I heard it mentioned at Beauty UK that I learnt the correct way to say it! (It's like Niks rather than N Y X which is what I thought it was) So NYX, who are they? The brand is named after an ancient Greek goddess, the brand offer a huge range of products for getting ready on an evening to everyday products for achieving that perfect everyday look. In the space of a week I went from owning none of their products to 5. If you want any reviews on the products let me know!

The first was a butter lipstick my dad got from the states for me and the rest were from Beauty UK. All of the products are reasonably priced! I have heard some amazing things about their products and wanted to know what all of the fuss was about! The NYX glitter cream palette isn't something I would wear on a day out as it's very themed and would be more something I would wear on a night out or at Christmas, still gorgeous colours and I had to pick it up for the bargain price of £2.00. The Eyeshadow base is something I bought on a wim I have no idea if it is any good but I have faith, I will putting a full review up on this at a later date, but it looks like it will make my eyeshadow nice and bright and has a nice consistency. NYX Butter gloss, I have wanted one of these for a while now and they come in so many gorgeous colours like with the butter lipstick I love the word butter it makes it sound so soft and nice! I have tried the butter gloss yesterday and loved it, had a longer staying power than any of the lip gloss I've tried. The Butter Lipstick, I have not yet tried it but I will doing a full review on it, unsure if you are able to get this from the UK yet as I got mine from the states! Finally the lip liner, I have needed a good lip liner for ages and I am yet to try this but I am excited as I've read many good things about them, I really need to starting using lip liner more often!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to know what you think of NYX and what is their favorite product of yours! 

Pearl Drops Review

I've tried many whitening options when it comes to my teeth, after wearing braces for close to 5 years (yeah you read that right!) when I finally got them off I would do anything to make my teeth the whitest they could be, often going to the dentist for a polish but at £40 a time when the results aren't even that good, I kept feeling disappointed, after trying many high street brands of tooth paste who claim whitening results and still not getting much whiter I gave up and decided to stop wasting my money on tooth paste with no results. This was until I found out about Pearl Drops, they are available to buy on the high street for around £3.99 and you can get different ones depending on what you are looking for. There are different ones for those who drink a lot of tea and coffee (everyone except me?!) I tried out the Pearl Drops Instant White & the Beauty Sleep Serum 

Pearl Drops Instant White:
Claims to give you a 4D whitening effect, giving you whiter teeth whilst the paste removes plaque and helps to lift stains and it says two shades whiter within 1 week and it has a scale down the side of the colours of teeth. I actually agree with this, I was using the toothpaste for 3 days before I noticed a change, and during the week as I kept using the toothpaste getting some lovely comments from customers at work, although some of them were old men it's still nice to hear. I've been using the toothpaste for 3 weeks now and I am incredibly impressed with the results my teeth are looking whiter everyday, and I will be re-purchasing this for two reasons, obviously the amazing results but secondly who doesn't love pink toothpaste? 


Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep:
The first beauty serum which works whilst you are asleep nourishing gums and whitening teeth, protecting them from the negative effects of time. I have been rubbing this all over my teeth and gums everyday for the last 3 weeks and I have found has helped with the whitening of my teeth, anything to make those whites extra pearly hey, but I will be repurchasing this to make sure my teeth continue to stay pearly white.

A little bit of American Beauty!

If you follow my blog or know me on a personal level you may know that my dad travels a lot for his job, which sucks in some aspects but in others it's fab it means I can send him to shops and get me products for a lot cheaper than over here in the UK, when he was over recently I sent him to a drugstore and asked him to pick up a few bits, some of these bits are available in the UK but they are like 30% cheaper in the states, to be fair this is quite a small haul compared to the other times I've sent my dad shopping, I did ask him to buy some food related goodies but he didn't have the time *boo* So the first lipstick I'm not even sure what it is all I know is that it is a Revlon one in a gorgeous red shade called "Cherry Blossom" every time I am looking online at lipsticks for my dad to buy I always ask for the ones with cherry in the name just because they sound to gorgeous, I did expect this lipstick to be some shade of pink but it's actually red, but in a way that's good as I seem to have shortage of red lipsticks in my collection. Next is the NYX butter lipstick, I went for this because of the tittle butter lipstick, sounds like it moisturizing and sweet, I went for Cotton Candy, who doesn't want a lipstick named after Candy Floss, and it lives up to the expectations, feels soft and is the closest lipstick I've ever seen to candy floss! Color Whisper, I do own two of these already so I know that I love them, they're always bright pretty colours and I have a bright pink and an orange one so I went for pin up peach as once again I liked the name, slightly disappointed with this one as it's not really a peach colour more of a light pink, but I still will always be in love with the Color Whispers and will be buying a lot more when I visit the states myself! I know for a fact you can buy these hear in the UK and that's the Burt's Bees Lip Balms, I've seen this a few times and considered buying and it just never did, I decided it was about time I changed that, it is a dark pink lip balm and leaves a lovely colour on your lips and leaving them feeling so soft, I can't believe it has taken me this long to buy it to be honest, but I am super glad I did! Finally this something I have seen in boots and nearly picked up on more than one occasion is the great lash mascara from Maybelline, I love the packaging and that drew me to it, I am yet to use this mascara but I will be posting a full review on my blog sometime in the next few weeks as you can buy it yourself, let me know what you think if you own it. Slightly longer post than what I usually write but I hope you enjoyed it!

Wishlist Wednesday- Boots Edition!

Most people will have read that and if you are a beauty blogger gone straight to the shop which if that is what you did, you are right. If you imagined a wishlist full of shoes then I'm afraid not! I am very impressed with myself as although there is a 3 for 2 on make-up at boots I have decided to avoid it and have not bought any items *que the round of applause* on a slightly more serious note I have decided to make a wishlist of all the things I would of bought not saving for my holiday! 

1. I have recently run out of my all time favorite mascara, and decided I fancied a change and although the packaging for this caught my eye I have heard some amazing things about it as well! 
2. I love the idea of nail varnish that smells, Revlon you are amazing, I don't know why but I think they should smell good, rather than the nail varnish smell we get! I love the idea of my nails smelling of cherries and other gorgeous flavours, who doesn't love something a bit different hey? 
3. This Sleek blush palette is super gorgeous and I think it has the perfect selection of colours, it looks like something that should be high end, but with the bargain price tag! 
4. It has taken everything I have not to go into boots and buy every single one of these Barry M lip crayons as they look like a such good quality product and the colours are bright which is what I love.
5. I am yet to try anything from Smashbox, (wait until I head out to the states) but this lipstick looks super gorgeous to me, at £15.50 it is something I would definitely buy and the colour is lush.
6. I have been wanting to try the L'Oreal Nude Magique Foundation for some time now, the fact that is in a glass bottle makes it stand out as it looks like a luxury product, the fact that is referred to as a nude foundation draws my attention as I am always looking for a light foundation! 

Chatterbox Review.

Who doesn't love a bit of a MAC lipstick every now and again, and as I am slowly but surely building up my collection of MAC lipsticks, my next conquest is Candy Yum Yum, seriously the most pretty lipstick out there, anyway on to my most current purchase, of Chatterbox. I've been lusting after this for some time now, it is a gorgeous pink shade and looks even more amazing on the lips, I had a lot people recommend Chatterbox to me before I bought and I think it's perfect for in the day as it's quite a subtle pink and it's not overly bright, this is my first MAC lipstick which didn't have a matte finish and I do actually prefer it to some of the ones which I own which are matte, like Ruby woo I feel dries your lips out and doesn't look great on me. Chatterbox has an amplified creme finish which is just an extra creamy/silky finish.  So chatterbox feels and looks great when on and smells like vanilla, I just love it when lipsticks smell lovely, and the staying power of this lipstick is relatively good, it doesn't last as long as i'd like it do as it comes off whenever I eat or drink, but I think matte ones tend to be better for their staying power. I love how much it hydrates your lips after using, I have used this so many times since I have bought it just over a week ago, definitely my favorite out of my collection. 

Which MAC lipsticks do I need to get next & what are your favorite ones?

My English Summer Review*

What is My English Summer I hear you ask, well my English Summer are a handcrafted online shop who sell the cutest pretty little things, such as bath bombs, soaps and hand creams. All of their little bath products look like sweet little cakes and they look good enough to eat. Their Bath Bombs are filled with cocoa butter and when you put them in your bath as well as being amazing for moisturizing they give off a beautiful scent. When I look at their products I think of a tea party with little tea cups and saucers and cute little cakes. I've been using the hand cream for a few weeks and it is amazing, and smells gorgeous too, and I love it comes in a little pot which I can just pop in my bag!  Their Fancy Soaps are the cutest thing ever and would be perfect for wedding favors, all of you lovelies getting married this year, definitely an amazing place to look. If you are looking for something cute for your bath this is the place to look.

Wishlist Wednesday Ikea Edition!

I am obsessed with Ikea, even when I am not even looking for anything I will still go around and look and picture my dream house for the future, I see all the white furniture and how lovely the rooms look and take a mental note, although I don't have my own home yet some of you will do and I have compiled a list of the gorgeous little bits and pieces you need in your life from Ikea. 

*All images belong to Ikea.

Ebay Bargains Under £2!

Who doesn't love a good bargain? Ebay is the place for the best bargains in the world, looking for something cheaper than retail go to Ebay, it's been my method of thinking since I was about 12 years old, why spend more than you have to, one night at about 1am I was looking for somethings to buy and came across all of these and for the lot it cost me under a £7 which is an amazing bargain and postage is all free! I hope you enjoy my finds as much as I do! 

Propercorn Review*

I finding a food which I don't just like I LOVE and recently I did this with Propercorn. I have heard of Propercorn a fair few times after reading about them in Company magazine a while ago, they are one of the only brands I remember reading about and it is just because they had such an amazing story behind their brand. I recently received some of their gorgeous Popcorn and the bags are massive and all under 130 calories and on my weight loss journey I am constantly on the look out for new healthier alternatives to Crisps. As much as I do love a good old bag of ready salted crisps, it is amazing how big the bag is for the amount of calories and the taste is amazing, I say whilst munching my way through a bag for their Sweet & Salty. They have 5 different flavors Sweet Coconut and Vanilla (saving this one for last as it sounds sooo good!), Fiery Worcester Sauce and Tomato, Sour Cream and Chive, Salted and Sweet and Salty. One of my favorite things I love about Propercorn is the fact that they turn a sweet cinema snack into a healthy snack which you can have any time of the day. Sometimes with a bag of popcorn from the supermarket it tastes foul and you feel like you are just chewing your way through a bag of nothingness but I enjoyed eating every mouthful, and had to hide them from myself for a tucked into yet another bag.You can buy Propercorn at Boots!

*PR sample all opinions 100% honest.

Rare London Review*

I was recently offered the chance to work with Rare London and I jumped at the chance they have some stunning items of clothing I spent almost an hour looking at their website and decided to go for a gorgeous black and pink dresses which is no longer available to purchase. I tried on the dress and it fitted perfectly and I cannot wait to wear it out. I love the clothing from Rare London especially the dresses as they are all so gorgeous and I want them all! *Adds all of the dresses to basket* I am fairly new to fashion blogging but I think this dress helped me create the perfect look and suits my body shape well. I love the material used for the skirt and gems on the top as they both make it look so elegant.