Wishlist Wednesday ELF Edition.

 I only came across ELF when I started blogging I had no idea about them before that *shocked face* I don't know how I managed without such an amazing company in my life, their products are purse friendly but still amazing quality, if you are yet to try ELF yet, I recommend you do, right now. These are just some of the goodies I'd love to get my mitts on, I may do considering there is a 40% off code, and who can resist a good discount code?

1. Lip stain
2. Loose Eyeshadow 
3. Blush & Bronze Powder
4. Moisturizing Lipstick
5. HD Mattifying Cream Foundation
Olivia Thristan


  1. I haven't heard of ELF! Love the look of the red lipstick!
    Definitely need to check them out!


  2. I hadn't heard of ELF before starting blogging either!! I love the look of that lipstick, and the blusher/bronzer duo :)

    Jess xo

  3. I love ELF! Their studio line has never disappointed me. I love their blush/bronzer duo, I hope you do as well!