Stationary Haul!

Who doesn't love stationary, I personally spend so much time down the stationary isle at work and looking for the cutest new stationary bits online, recently I was contacted in regards to receiving a bundle of stationary of my choice off of Viking. Viking are an online site who in specialize in office supplies which includes pens, paper and big amounts of hot chocolate! I spent hours looking through the site trying to find all the lovely things which I wanted and I ended up choosing lots of pens, a memory stick and super cute celotape holder. All of the stationary is such good prices and much cheaper than I've seen anywhere else. If you are looking for some new stationary I'd recommend treating yourself on Viking. Plus if you drink a lot of hot chocolate you can get a huge tub, what else can you ask for? 

How cute is a tape dispenser in the shape of a shoe?! 

Olivia Thristan


  1. I love Stationary! I am always looking at the aisle when i go into supermarkets or wilkinsons, I'm forever buying cute notebooks and matching pens, although I never end up using them!

    1. I am forever doing this, I have to look at the stationary, there is always a reason for a new notebook although I already have like 600 unused ones! xx

  2. Lovely picks! I love buying new stationary too,it helps me feel much more organised.So many bright colours :) xx

  3. I'm such a sucker for a bit of stationary! That tape dispenser is AMAZING! x

  4. How cool is that tape dispenser !!! I love stationary - the problem I have is - I buy but don't want to use it in case I spoil it! I kind of just display it on my desk!

  5. Stationery porn alert!! Not helping my incurable need for pens!
    M x Life Outside London