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Hello again my lovelies!

It's Siobhan here from and @The_BeautyBaker on twitter!

Even though it might be getting warmer out that wont ever stop me from having a lovely hot bath! Since I had quite a few things from a recent trip to Lush I thought I would use one of them and I really wanted to have a bath bomb but me being silly I put two bubble bars into my bath thinking they was bath bombs!

After all of that I needed a nice bath bomb to soothe me down and I only had one left and it was the Golden Egg. I've been wanting to try this bath bomb out for so long but never got round to buying it! First off the glitter on the egg is SO pigmented I got covered in it in the shop and in the house, just taking the photos was hard enough!

Swirling around in my bath it left loads of gold little sparkles in a golden yellow colour (not going to lie it reminded me a bit of pee, which did put me off a little.) The smell was just to die for! If you know me you'll know that I am obsessed with anything that smells fruity, fresh or floral since they're my favourite scents and this egg is AMAZING! The scent is really fruity and citrusy which made me swoon and dive into my bath while never wanting to leave, when I got out of my bath I was covered in golden sparkles and looked like a glitter ball while also making my skin super soft.

I will definitely be re-purchasing this asap! I absolutely love it! 
Have you tried any of their Easter range yet?

Olivia Thristan


  1. Hey, I just nominated you for a Liebster Award, find out all the details here.. xx