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Hi everyone! I'm Naomi from Pennies for a Pound and I have the wonderful pleasure of guest posting on the amazing Jess' blog today! So for this post I'm going to be reviewing a brush set I received for christmas from Wilkinson! Wilkinsons is a sort of family bargains shop so I wasn't expecting much in terms of quality, but lets see what they had to offer!
So it comes with 5 different brushes with some of them double ended with a multi-coloured cheetah print on them.
 This is such a brilliant brush! It's a small, fluffy power brush and it's so incredibly soft! I don't like having a big powder brush as you cant get into all the little bits like your nose and under eyes with them so this is perfect. Also I was surprised as to how incredibly soft it it! Unfortunately the cheetah pattern has started to rub off and this would probably happen for all the other brushes eventually.
 These are the 2 eye shadow brushes, one rounded and one angled. These brushes are incredibly dense and stiff which isn't great for eye shadow. The rounded top one is good for pressing and compacting the eye shadow on. The angled one is good for putting gel eye liner on or having a defined shadow in the crease. Overall not too bad but a bit too stiff.
This is the lip brush of the set. This again is quite dense but it's good for packing on the colour without it looking streaky. I don't tend to use a lip brush but it's always good to have in your collection.
Finally we have the foundation brush. Unfortunately I really didn't like this. It's way too stiff for a foundation brush and doesn't do a good job at applying the product either. Thumbs down.
Hope you've enjoyed this post! Thank you for letting me post on her blog! Make sure you check out mine here!
Thanking you,
Olivia Thristan

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