Clothes I Simply Can't Live Without!

We all have those pieces of clothing we couldn't live without, whether it is those trusty jeans which have seen you through the good times and bad, that gorgeous little dress you wear when you go out clubbing or that t-shirt which goes with just about everything! We all have our favorite pieces of clothing maybe because it has a special meaning or just because it looks fab on you. When my lovely friend Charlotte nominated me to part in Rare London competition to win £200 worth of vouchers I jumped at the chance, if you want to take part in the competition you can do here! So when picking my choices I went for clothes that I have a reason behind why I can't live without them, I decided to make a collage rather than modelling them myself! 

1. Iron Maiden T-shirt this is a bit of a strange one, as it's not like what I normally wear but when I first met my boyfriend two years ago this was his favourite t-shirt and as it smelt like him I became attached to it and started borrowing it from him (I dressed a bit different back then!) and he just let me keep it and ever since it's just been something I wear when I need comfort or when I'm having a TV day, it's super comfy!

2. New Look Heart Dress Since gaining weight I was a bit lost with my style for a while, as I am used to being a size 8 and it takes some getting used to being slightly bigger! I always feel comfortable in day dresses and it is always a way to make yourself feel glam but not overdressed, this is one of my favourite dresses and I pretty much wear it whenever!

3. Blazer I used to wear my leather jacket with everything, whether it was a dress or a pair of jeans the leather jacket would come out, but I sort of grew out of that faze as it didn't really go with everything as well as I thought it did, I decided the best way to make my outfits look good is with a blazer it can smarten up any outfit and as it's quite a casual blazer it doesn't look like I'm going to a job interview and with my bowler hat I think it makes the perfect combo! 

Now I nominate: 
Siobhan, Melody & Laura

Olivia Thristan


  1. Love the Iron Maiden t-shirt. The dress looks lovely too. Stephen :o)

  2. I agree with you on the blazer ! I love wearing it being smart/casual, with shorts in summer, you can wear it with anything and would not look bad ! Great post

    Megan xx