Hi lovelies, just a quick post to let you know I have launched my own chat, I've been in the process of doing so for some time but not had to confidence to actually do it. There a lot of blogger chats out there and my biggest fear is that no-one will want to participate. But here is the info you will need:

Firstly what is chat about?
There are a lot of bloggers chats out there but they all seem to cover one area (I could be totally wrong) but my idea was the chat would cover lots of different topics I'd love ideas of topics from you and I'd love you to host as well. But the basic idea would be more like how to, and it can link with any genre of blog, it will feature different tips and tricks. I have topics for the first few weeks and I'd love it if you would suggest some of your own ideas. Not every week will be for everyone but I think it's just a bit of a different chat. Each chat will consist of 5 questions if you have any suggestions feel free to tweet or email me.

Week1: Photography this a topic I see touched on in a few chats but not to the depth I know some people would like.
Week2: Confidence. When it comes to featuring yourself in your blog I know a lot of people don't feel confident so it's about sharing your tips and how you take the perfect OOTD.
Week 3: Setting up a youtube I've heard a lot of people suffer with nerves when it comes to setting up a youtube channel, this chat will be sharing your experiences and giving tips to those thinking of setting up their own channel. 
Week 4: Post Ideas This is talking about what inspires you to write and sharing ideas and inspiring each other. 
Week 5: Getting the blogging balance right. I've heard many bloggers ask how do you manage your blog and also keep up with school work or have a job.
Week 6: Hosted by Frankie_CH Topic Undecided 
Week 7: Lighting/Backgrounds this is to do with lighting in not just pictures but also videos, what do you use for the perfect picture background and different types of lighting. 
Week 8: Hosted By Katiebbloggerx Topic Undecided 

When is the chat?
This was a difficult one for me as there are a lot of blogger chats, I have gone for Thursdays 7-8pm 

Is this chat just for beauty bloggers? 
I can't stress enough how this isn't for any genre each topic will differ and you can suggest a topic and ask to host this chat is for everyone, not just for one type of blogging group. Anyone can be a blogger and enjoy a chat!

If you are wanting to host or have a topic suggestion I'd love to hear it my email is jlthristan@gmail.com and my twitter is @jessiekinsxo

Olivia Thristan


  1. This sounds fabulous! Unfortunately I'm busy this week but I shall definitely tune in next week!



  2. Great idea that any blogger can join in! I don't seem to fit any mold of blogger so will be nice to not always be discussing lipsticks :/ xo

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  4. Brilliant idea Hun! I like how it's for everyone and any one can suggest topics or volunteer to host. When is the launch?


  5. ooh this sounds great! can't wait to see how it goes! really interesting! :)

  6. Omg Jess! Thisbis such a good idea! Great topics! I'm in work but I'll sneakily join in if I can! Woohoo!
    Ffiln x

  7. This founds really good, I often find myself wanting to join in with the fashion chats or lifestyle chats as the topics are of interest it'll be really nice to have one chat that's just a big mixture of everything :D x