George| Swimwear Wishlist

If you follow my blog you'll know that this Summer I am jetting off to Florida for two weeks, and I am super excited and although my holiday isn't until August I am constantly on the look for gorgeous swimwear and clothing that I can take on my travels recently I was looking in a shop and their swim wear was a whooping £28 for one item. After I went to Asda and found so many amazing pieces of beach wear that I just had to do a wishlist for them. 

*All pictures belong to George, Asda.

Olivia Thristan

Yours Clothing Review*

I recently got sent a gorgeous dress from Yours clothing, for those of you who aren't really are aware of Yours clothing they are a company which specialize in fashionable plus size clothing from sizes 14-32 I have recently become a size 14 in some clothing and on some sites is a plus size on this occasion I am more than happy to be plus size as when I received my gorgeous dress it made me feel so confident and happy, the dress I am wearing in the pictures is a peter pan collar skater dress and you can get it here and it is £35 but for the material and how well it fits and makes me look I'd happily pay that! I am obsessed with anything with a peter pan collar I love the way it goes with the leather belt in the middle and tucks me in at all of the right places. I am a big fan of skater dresses as they thin me out and make me look curvy in all the good places! I hope you enjoy this post and the fact that my blog is now more diverse than beauty as I am aiming to make it a lot more fashion and lifestyle related. Without further ado enjoy the pictures!


*The dress was a PR sample all thoughts are my own.

Olivia Thristan

Review| Dior Lipstick.

I'm not usually one who buys high end make-up in fact quite the opposite anything for a bargain, I do own many lipsticks in lots of different colours but as soon as I opened the box and took out this beauty I can see why people do invest for more high end lipsticks and I may be investing in some other gorgeous Dior lipsticks in the near future. So this one came from my lovely boyfriend as my present for our two year anniversary, of course he let me pick the colour myself considering I'd of probably ended up with a totally different colour otherwise. The shade is Singuliere which is a lovely pale pink which is perfect for the spring season, I don't own that many pink lipsticks so this will be a perfect addition to my collection. Dior lipsticks are priced around about 22-24 pounds which is of course quite pricey for a lipstick but in my opinion sometimes you pay for a good lipstick and the quality definitely shows, and it does with this lipstick as it has great staying power and actually looks really nice on and some lipsticks look different to what they are, if you are looking for a gorgeous high end lipstick I'd point you in the direction of the Dior counter! 

Olivia Thristan

Sunday Summary!

This week has been fairly boring apart from my trip to Manchester on Wednesday and the one to Wasall on Saturday! All of the pictures above are from Manchester. I acted like a crazy tourist and saw the Embarrassing bodies truck, if only I had something wrong with me. I visited Victorias Secret for the first time which I have wanted to do forever & Bought myself some gorgeous Body mists and little perfumes. 

What I am loving this week: MAC lipsticks, and veggie burgers. Send help!

Olivia Thristan

Stationary Haul!

Who doesn't love stationary, I personally spend so much time down the stationary isle at work and looking for the cutest new stationary bits online, recently I was contacted in regards to receiving a bundle of stationary of my choice off of Viking. Viking are an online site who in specialize in office supplies which includes pens, paper and big amounts of hot chocolate! I spent hours looking through the site trying to find all the lovely things which I wanted and I ended up choosing lots of pens, a memory stick and super cute celotape holder. All of the stationary is such good prices and much cheaper than I've seen anywhere else. If you are looking for some new stationary I'd recommend treating yourself on Viking. Plus if you drink a lot of hot chocolate you can get a huge tub, what else can you ask for? 

Olivia Thristan

Denman Tangle Tamer*

Ever since finding out about Denman brushes I've had a slight obsession with them, in my opinion they are the best quality of brushes you can find and they are affordable as well! The tangle tamer is slightly similar to the tangle teezer but the major difference between the two is the shape and I do prefer this brush for that, it's a lot easier to hold in my hand than the teezer as the handle is longer! The brush itself is amazing and does what it says on the packing removes all of those tough knots and leaves your hair smooth, after using this brush I don't think I could ever go back to the brush I was using previously. The pink colour is just a bonus, if you are a regular follower of my blog you will know I love the colour pink! This brush is only £6.20 and you don't pay much less for a generic standard brush so I think you are getting a pretty good offer! If you are looking for a different brush Denman offers many brushes of all shapes and sizes! 

Olivia Thristan

Quirky Storage Ideas!

I vowed when it became the new year I would branch my blog more out into not only fashion but more lifestyle posts, and so far I've done about 3 and it's April. So considering this and all the cute bits I've been picking up lately I have decided to a post on my quirky room pieces, I am a very messy person so I thought if I made my room look nicer maybe I'll look after it better! 

I've been on the look out for some jars for ages, and found some on the Dunelm website, went to the shop to get some and there wasn't any, and for some strange reason I ended up in Asda and found the jars in the picture for £1 I couldn't believe it, they're glass and look so lovely, I put my candles and cotton wool in two and had one left so I decided to fill it with mints, this will probably end bad and by the time this post has gone live there will be none left, but they're so cute! Next is the cute milk bottle if you follow me on youtube you'll know that I bought this milk bottle after seeing them in a restaurant, also £1 I had no idea what I wanted it before so I just put some pretty fake flowers in, and they're a great touch to my room. Next is my gorgeous little pot with a plate for my make-up brushes, although it is supposed to be a candle holder I think it makes a much better pot for my brushes don't you? Finally is my gorgeous Muji draws and when I get a chance to go to Birmingham again I shall be getting more of these as they are amazing for storage, I use it to store my blushes and powders at the mo! I have big draws for the rest of my make-up but they're not as pretty! 

What quirky bits and pieces do you use for storage? 

Olivia Thristan

Sunday Summary!

My Sunday Summary this week has taken a very colorful approach, I received my gorgeous Models Own polish for tans which I won in a giveaway last week, my lovely veggie burger and chips (who says veggie food isn't nice?) I got some new glasses from the lovely company Breo, and you can also win a pair on my latest giveaway here and I got my hands on some Percy Pigs, takes me back to being a child. Oh Percy you legend!  


Blog Of The Week: She May Be Loved
Youtube Lovin: Sophie, Melody & Beky
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Wet N Wild Lipsticks!

Until last year I didn't even have a clue about Wet n Wild, but after a couple of U.S. box swaps and finally being able to buy them in the UK (occasionally) I fell in love with some of their lipsticks and as it is now spring I am obsessed with their bright colours and how pretty they are! I currently own 4 of their gorgeous lipsticks but watch out when I go to the states I could happily come back with a case full of them on their own! Not obsessed at all... The lipsticks themselves are matte and when applied are so bright exactly how they look in the tube, although they don't last as long as I would like they are still amazing, and I'd recommend them to anyone. I am not sure on the price as they aren't sold over here anywhere that I know online I found some in a small shop in another town. But if you are from the states I'd love to know what you think of these little beauties!

Olivia Thristan

Breo Sunglasses Review & Giveaway

As it is quickly approaching summer, the sunglasses are making an appearance but every year mine seem to go missing and I have to invest in some more, I spend hours looking for that perfect pair and it takes forever to find a pair I actually want for the right price. I was recently lucky enough to get sent a pair of Sunglasses from Breo who have a gorgeous range of sunglasses and watches. I picked the pair Vox. I am so happy with the glasses as they really suit my face and the colour is so stand out, I can't wait to wear these hopefully in the UK and definitely on my jollies in Florida. Breo have lots of different colours and frames and they are all reasonably priced.  

Now for a little competition for you lovelies to win yourselves a pair of super lovely glasses, from Breo. All you have to do is fill out the form below if you are under 16 please ask parents or guardians permission before entering. & Good luck! Must be in the UK to enter please :-)

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Siobhan Guest Posts!

Hello again my lovelies!

It's Siobhan here from and @The_BeautyBaker on twitter!

Even though it might be getting warmer out that wont ever stop me from having a lovely hot bath! Since I had quite a few things from a recent trip to Lush I thought I would use one of them and I really wanted to have a bath bomb but me being silly I put two bubble bars into my bath thinking they was bath bombs!

After all of that I needed a nice bath bomb to soothe me down and I only had one left and it was the Golden Egg. I've been wanting to try this bath bomb out for so long but never got round to buying it! First off the glitter on the egg is SO pigmented I got covered in it in the shop and in the house, just taking the photos was hard enough!

Swirling around in my bath it left loads of gold little sparkles in a golden yellow colour (not going to lie it reminded me a bit of pee, which did put me off a little.) The smell was just to die for! If you know me you'll know that I am obsessed with anything that smells fruity, fresh or floral since they're my favourite scents and this egg is AMAZING! The scent is really fruity and citrusy which made me swoon and dive into my bath while never wanting to leave, when I got out of my bath I was covered in golden sparkles and looked like a glitter ball while also making my skin super soft.

I will definitely be re-purchasing this asap! I absolutely love it! 
Have you tried any of their Easter range yet?

Olivia Thristan

Wishlist Wednesday New Look Edition!

*None of these images belong to me they all belong to New Look

1. Blue Acid Mom Shorts (Similar here)
2. Strappy Floral Skater Dress (Similar here)
3. Polka Dot Shirt Blue (Kinda similar here)
5. Blue & Coral Jelly Shoes (Available here)

Olivia Thristan

Boomf Review

We've all had that moment in our lives when we are stuck for ideas when it comes to presents and we sit there thinking for hours on what to get someone well recently I came across the perfect present. Pictures on marshmallows which are created by Boomf If you are sat there thinking what?! You heard me right and they are honestly one of the coolest things that I have ever laid my eyes on. Boomf connects to your instagram (or if you are looking for a friend you can also access their pictures) and you choose 9 pictures and Boomf print them onto to Marshmallows, their postage service is amazing, so even great for last minute gifts I received mine within 48 hours and was ecstatic with the result! Per box is £12 or $20 for you lovely American folk and the shipping is free world wide!


*PR sample all thoughts & opinions are my own
Olivia Thristan


Hi lovelies, just a quick post to let you know I have launched my own chat, I've been in the process of doing so for some time but not had to confidence to actually do it. There a lot of blogger chats out there and my biggest fear is that no-one will want to participate. But here is the info you will need:

Firstly what is chat about?
There are a lot of bloggers chats out there but they all seem to cover one area (I could be totally wrong) but my idea was the chat would cover lots of different topics I'd love ideas of topics from you and I'd love you to host as well. But the basic idea would be more like how to, and it can link with any genre of blog, it will feature different tips and tricks. I have topics for the first few weeks and I'd love it if you would suggest some of your own ideas. Not every week will be for everyone but I think it's just a bit of a different chat. Each chat will consist of 5 questions if you have any suggestions feel free to tweet or email me.

Week1: Photography this a topic I see touched on in a few chats but not to the depth I know some people would like.
Week2: Confidence. When it comes to featuring yourself in your blog I know a lot of people don't feel confident so it's about sharing your tips and how you take the perfect OOTD.
Week 3: Setting up a youtube I've heard a lot of people suffer with nerves when it comes to setting up a youtube channel, this chat will be sharing your experiences and giving tips to those thinking of setting up their own channel. 
Week 4: Post Ideas This is talking about what inspires you to write and sharing ideas and inspiring each other. 
Week 5: Getting the blogging balance right. I've heard many bloggers ask how do you manage your blog and also keep up with school work or have a job.
Week 6: Hosted by Frankie_CH Topic Undecided 
Week 7: Lighting/Backgrounds this is to do with lighting in not just pictures but also videos, what do you use for the perfect picture background and different types of lighting. 
Week 8: Hosted By Katiebbloggerx Topic Undecided 

When is the chat?
This was a difficult one for me as there are a lot of blogger chats, I have gone for Thursdays 7-8pm 

Is this chat just for beauty bloggers? 
I can't stress enough how this isn't for any genre each topic will differ and you can suggest a topic and ask to host this chat is for everyone, not just for one type of blogging group. Anyone can be a blogger and enjoy a chat!

If you are wanting to host or have a topic suggestion I'd love to hear it my email is and my twitter is @jessiekinsxo

Olivia Thristan

Sunday Summary!

This week I: Had quite a boring week apart from going out for some drinks with my friends and watching moon walker (why oh why?) then yesterday I went bowling with my sister and boyfriend and got a takeaway pizza which I ordered a 12" and got a 16" for no extra cost.. fair play?! I also treated myself to a new bag!
My song of the week: Vance Joy- Riptide! Give it a listen.
Blog love: Katie & Hayley 
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A conversation with my teenage self!

Looking back on the last 5 years a lot has changed and I can't believe I am in my final year of being a teenager when I was 14 I would of done anything to go grow up but now living in the "real world" I'd do anything to go back even if it is only a few years, during my teenage years I made mistakes but who didn't, but there's a few things I'd go back and tell myself that I know now if I could. I'd love to see some of you talk about what you've learnt since being a teenager. 

Olivia Thristan

Pennies for a pound reviews!

Hi everyone! I'm Naomi from Pennies for a Pound and I have the wonderful pleasure of guest posting on the amazing Jess' blog today! So for this post I'm going to be reviewing a brush set I received for christmas from Wilkinson! Wilkinsons is a sort of family bargains shop so I wasn't expecting much in terms of quality, but lets see what they had to offer!
So it comes with 5 different brushes with some of them double ended with a multi-coloured cheetah print on them.
 This is such a brilliant brush! It's a small, fluffy power brush and it's so incredibly soft! I don't like having a big powder brush as you cant get into all the little bits like your nose and under eyes with them so this is perfect. Also I was surprised as to how incredibly soft it it! Unfortunately the cheetah pattern has started to rub off and this would probably happen for all the other brushes eventually.
 These are the 2 eye shadow brushes, one rounded and one angled. These brushes are incredibly dense and stiff which isn't great for eye shadow. The rounded top one is good for pressing and compacting the eye shadow on. The angled one is good for putting gel eye liner on or having a defined shadow in the crease. Overall not too bad but a bit too stiff.
This is the lip brush of the set. This again is quite dense but it's good for packing on the colour without it looking streaky. I don't tend to use a lip brush but it's always good to have in your collection.
Finally we have the foundation brush. Unfortunately I really didn't like this. It's way too stiff for a foundation brush and doesn't do a good job at applying the product either. Thumbs down.
Hope you've enjoyed this post! Thank you for letting me post on her blog! Make sure you check out mine here!
Thanking you,
Olivia Thristan

Wishlist Wednesday |Perfume Edition!|

Every Wednesday I make a collage of all of the gorgeous things I want from a certain place, this week I went with perfume you can get these perfumes from most places but they've been on my wishlist some for a while and some just a few weeks, I have decided I need ONE Marc Jacobs perfume in my life & it will happen soon! What perfumes are you loving at the mo? 

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight Edition
2. Dolce and Gabbana Dolce 
3. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique
4. Vera Wang Pink Princess
5. Thierry Mungler Alien 


Olivia Thristan

Lavish Alice Cropped Cami Dress!

I recently got asked if I would be interested in reviewing something from Lavish Alice, which is an online company which sell the most gorgeous little pieces! I jumped at the chance to review for them, I have been wanting to try something fashion related for some time but never had the confidence to do so, I was allowed to pick any item of clothing from their website and there are some stunning pieces, in the end I went for a gorgeous Navy Flamingo Print Cropped Cami, which is perfect for spring/summer, and you can do so many different things with this outfit. You can make it look smart with a blazer and some heels or even a pair of flats, it can be perfect for going out when styled up with a pair of heels and leather jacket or it is perfect for the summer and you can wear it with sandals and a cute pair of sunnies. I am glad I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a fashion styled post as I love doing it and this dress is gorgeous. I'd also like to thank Glyn T Jones Photography for taking these lovely photo's and editing them so quickly!

*This post contains PR samples all opinions are my own
Olivia Thristan

Specs Post Review

On twitter I found out that Specs Post which is an online glasses company who dispense the perfect glasses from the comfort of your own home how cool is that? If that isn't enough to convince you Specs Post do a service where you can get a selection of glasses of your choice sent to your home for you to try, that way you can decide on the perfect frames and there are plenty to choose from, I think it's great because it gives you plenty of time to ask for your family and friends opinion on them and they can help you decide! The best part about it all is the glasses are MUCH cheaper than you can get on the high street and you can get designer frames! I wear glasses for concentration and although I do have a pair, I love idea of having a choice so when offered the chance to try three pairs of my choice I went for a few different ones, I picked a pair similar to what I already have but a different colour, some gorgeous frames which are like nothing I've ever seen before and a pair of gorgeous sunnies! Thanks to Glyn T Jones Photography and I got some pictures taken of me wearing the frames and I'd love your help in deciding which of the frames to choose? 



*This post contains PR samples, all opinions are my own
Olivia Thristan

Primark Make-Up!

Many people aren't even aware that Primark sell make-up, we all know Primark for their cheap clothes but who actually knew that Primark sold make-up? I found about their make-up a few months ago I was only aware of the brushes and the eyeliners after making a mad dash for an eyeliner after forgetting my make-up on a weekend away. Recently I took a trip to Primark in hope of some new t-shirts and found their huge make-up collection including around 10 different lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail varnishes all for a £1, this sounds similar to another beauty company to me, MUA. Who also have a range of products for just a pound, so are Primark any good for make-up? I bought myself a lipstick and nail varnish to test this out. 

Lipstick- Their lipstick looks very vibrant here, the sort of colour I'd usually go for when swatched on my hand it also looked bright, but when applied to my lips I was slightly disappointed the colour was very faint, I tried reapplying several times but it made no difference. I can't really be too disappointed considering I only paid one pound. I may try a darker colour from the range, but I'm not too sure on this, it seems like the sort of lipstick you'd give a child to play with.
Nail Varnish- This on the other hand was amazing, It applied bright with just one coat, after applying 3 and a top coat the nail varnish is still solid on my nails and looks great, I've been wearing it for 3 days and it hasn't chipped yet, I would definitely buy more of these as they are very bright, perfect for those spring days. Once again amazing quality for £1. 

So as far as Primark make-up goes I am a bit unsure as the lipsticks aren't too good quality but the nail varnish is top quality! There's only one way to make a decision on this, you got it? Buy more

Olivia Thristan

Wishlist Wednesday ELF Edition.

 I only came across ELF when I started blogging I had no idea about them before that *shocked face* I don't know how I managed without such an amazing company in my life, their products are purse friendly but still amazing quality, if you are yet to try ELF yet, I recommend you do, right now. These are just some of the goodies I'd love to get my mitts on, I may do considering there is a 40% off code, and who can resist a good discount code?

1. Lip stain
2. Loose Eyeshadow 
3. Blush & Bronze Powder
4. Moisturizing Lipstick
5. HD Mattifying Cream Foundation
Olivia Thristan