George| Swimwear Wishlist

If you follow my blog you'll know that this Summer I am jetting off to Florida for two weeks, and I am super excited and although my holiday isn't until August I am constantly on the look for gorgeous swimwear and clothing that I can take on my travels recently I was looking in a shop and their swim wear was a whooping £28 for one item. After I went to Asda and found so many amazing pieces of beach wear that I just had to do a wishlist for them. 

*All pictures belong to George, Asda.

Yours Clothing Review*

I recently got sent a gorgeous dress from Yours clothing, for those of you who aren't really are aware of Yours clothing they are a company which specialize in fashionable plus size clothing from sizes 14-32 I have recently become a size 14 in some clothing and on some sites is a plus size on this occasion I am more than happy to be plus size as when I received my gorgeous dress it made me feel so confident and happy, the dress I am wearing in the pictures is a peter pan collar skater dress and you can get it here and it is £35 but for the material and how well it fits and makes me look I'd happily pay that! I am obsessed with anything with a peter pan collar I love the way it goes with the leather belt in the middle and tucks me in at all of the right places. I am a big fan of skater dresses as they thin me out and make me look curvy in all the good places! I hope you enjoy this post and the fact that my blog is now more diverse than beauty as I am aiming to make it a lot more fashion and lifestyle related. Without further ado enjoy the pictures!


*The dress was a PR sample all thoughts are my own.

Review| Dior Lipstick.

I'm not usually one who buys high end make-up in fact quite the opposite anything for a bargain, I do own many lipsticks in lots of different colours but as soon as I opened the box and took out this beauty I can see why people do invest for more high end lipsticks and I may be investing in some other gorgeous Dior lipsticks in the near future. So this one came from my lovely boyfriend as my present for our two year anniversary, of course he let me pick the colour myself considering I'd of probably ended up with a totally different colour otherwise. The shade is Singuliere which is a lovely pale pink which is perfect for the spring season, I don't own that many pink lipsticks so this will be a perfect addition to my collection. Dior lipsticks are priced around about 22-24 pounds which is of course quite pricey for a lipstick but in my opinion sometimes you pay for a good lipstick and the quality definitely shows, and it does with this lipstick as it has great staying power and actually looks really nice on and some lipsticks look different to what they are, if you are looking for a gorgeous high end lipstick I'd point you in the direction of the Dior counter! 

Denman Tangle Tamer*

Ever since finding out about Denman brushes I've had a slight obsession with them, in my opinion they are the best quality of brushes you can find and they are affordable as well! The tangle tamer is slightly similar to the tangle teezer but the major difference between the two is the shape and I do prefer this brush for that, it's a lot easier to hold in my hand than the teezer as the handle is longer! The brush itself is amazing and does what it says on the packing removes all of those tough knots and leaves your hair smooth, after using this brush I don't think I could ever go back to the brush I was using previously. The pink colour is just a bonus, if you are a regular follower of my blog you will know I love the colour pink! This brush is only £6.20 and you don't pay much less for a generic standard brush so I think you are getting a pretty good offer! If you are looking for a different brush Denman offers many brushes of all shapes and sizes! 

Quirky Storage Ideas!

I vowed when it became the new year I would branch my blog more out into not only fashion but more lifestyle posts, and so far I've done about 3 and it's April. So considering this and all the cute bits I've been picking up lately I have decided to a post on my quirky room pieces, I am a very messy person so I thought if I made my room look nicer maybe I'll look after it better! 

I've been on the look out for some jars for ages, and found some on the Dunelm website, went to the shop to get some and there wasn't any, and for some strange reason I ended up in Asda and found the jars in the picture for £1 I couldn't believe it, they're glass and look so lovely, I put my candles and cotton wool in two and had one left so I decided to fill it with mints, this will probably end bad and by the time this post has gone live there will be none left, but they're so cute! Next is the cute milk bottle if you follow me on youtube you'll know that I bought this milk bottle after seeing them in a restaurant, also £1 I had no idea what I wanted it before so I just put some pretty fake flowers in, and they're a great touch to my room. Next is my gorgeous little pot with a plate for my make-up brushes, although it is supposed to be a candle holder I think it makes a much better pot for my brushes don't you? Finally is my gorgeous Muji draws and when I get a chance to go to Birmingham again I shall be getting more of these as they are amazing for storage, I use it to store my blushes and powders at the mo! I have big draws for the rest of my make-up but they're not as pretty! 

What quirky bits and pieces do you use for storage? 

Boomf Review

We've all had that moment in our lives when we are stuck for ideas when it comes to presents and we sit there thinking for hours on what to get someone well recently I came across the perfect present. Pictures on marshmallows which are created by Boomf If you are sat there thinking what?! You heard me right and they are honestly one of the coolest things that I have ever laid my eyes on. Boomf connects to your instagram (or if you are looking for a friend you can also access their pictures) and you choose 9 pictures and Boomf print them onto to Marshmallows, their postage service is amazing, so even great for last minute gifts I received mine within 48 hours and was ecstatic with the result! Per box is £12 or $20 for you lovely American folk and the shipping is free world wide!


*PR sample all thoughts & opinions are my own

Specs Post Review

On twitter I found out that Specs Post which is an online glasses company who dispense the perfect glasses from the comfort of your own home how cool is that? If that isn't enough to convince you Specs Post do a service where you can get a selection of glasses of your choice sent to your home for you to try, that way you can decide on the perfect frames and there are plenty to choose from, I think it's great because it gives you plenty of time to ask for your family and friends opinion on them and they can help you decide! The best part about it all is the glasses are MUCH cheaper than you can get on the high street and you can get designer frames! I wear glasses for concentration and although I do have a pair, I love idea of having a choice so when offered the chance to try three pairs of my choice I went for a few different ones, I picked a pair similar to what I already have but a different colour, some gorgeous frames which are like nothing I've ever seen before and a pair of gorgeous sunnies! Thanks to Glyn T Jones Photography and I got some pictures taken of me wearing the frames and I'd love your help in deciding which of the frames to choose? 



*This post contains PR samples, all opinions are my own

Wishlist Wednesday ELF Edition.

 I only came across ELF when I started blogging I had no idea about them before that *shocked face* I don't know how I managed without such an amazing company in my life, their products are purse friendly but still amazing quality, if you are yet to try ELF yet, I recommend you do, right now. These are just some of the goodies I'd love to get my mitts on, I may do considering there is a 40% off code, and who can resist a good discount code?

1. Lip stain
2. Loose Eyeshadow 
3. Blush & Bronze Powder
4. Moisturizing Lipstick
5. HD Mattifying Cream Foundation