The Sunday Summary #3

I actually really enjoy taking for this post in the week, and making this post on a Sunday morning before work! So I do hope you guys actually enjoy reading these, so what have I been up to this week?

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What I've done: This week I went for a walk with my boyfriend along the chase, it actually felt like spring and it was sunny *shock horror*, went for milkshakes in a pub with my best friend this is how we roll! I had to put the picture of my cat and the pizza in this, it was too funny not too! I saw Russell Kane on his smallness tour, damn I love that guy, such an amazing performance, shame we weren't allowed to take pictures during his performance! Me and Charlotte also got the train to Birmingham, got to our home town station and jumped on another train to somewhere else, we must of looked very strange! But a very fun week on my behalf!
Moment of the week: Well this obviously has to be seeing Russell Kane in tour again, I've been waiting to see him again since Leeds Fest, he writes some amazing comedy and took the wet out of towns near to us and did the accents was so hilarious!

Olivia Thristan

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