Lush| Angels on bare skin & ocean salt!

 I recently organized a bloggers meet up and as part of that meet I organized for the girls and I to visit Birmingham Lush, where we got a tour of the shop and taught how to make a lovely lush face mask, when we were leaving the store we got given a goody bag each, which I think was so lovely of Lush as I wasn't expecting anything and in this goody bag there were full pots of Ocean Salt & Angels on bare skin and those of you who don't know what they are, Angels on bare skin is a body and face cleanser and Ocean Salt is a face and body scrub which is exactly what my face needs at the moment! 

Ocean Salt
This is just what my face needs at the moment, it looks like moisturizer with bits of sherbet in, which in a strange way made it even more appealing to me? You need to make your face damp before applying, then apply all over your face. What Ocean salt actually does is remove all of the dead skin and then the avocado butter leaves your face feeling soft, it really does! It does make your face a little sore but that is just getting rid of all the dead skin, it feels so amazing afterwards! 

Angels on bare skin
I have heard so many amazing things about this product, when I mentioned during the #bbloggers chat that I keep breaking out in spots around 6 people recommended it to me, I was so happy when it was in the goody bag, you take a piece of the cleanser and put in the palm of your hand, add water then it makes a paste which you cover your face in, and then wash off with warm water, it definitely did my face the world of good, made me spots look a lot less angry and left my face glowing, if you are yet to try this product I recommend you get down to your local lush and pick up a pot!
Olivia Thristan


  1. I bought this a few months back. It's absolutely amazing. I don't really buy cleansers, but Lush are an exception.

  2. I'm a huge Lush fan but I've never tried either of these products. They both sound lovely though & I will definitely look out for them next time I'm in store :) xo

  3. Never tried any Lush skincare but these looks really interesting! Will have to check them out:) xx