Inspire me.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Inspiration is everywhere, it's just about opening your eyes and thinking hey look at that sun, look at how those trees move in the wind, that sun set is gorgeous. But sometimes we need more inspiration to make our day the best it can be so here are my tips to giving you inspiration even on those rainy days. Lets start with that one song that no matter how you feel can instantly pick up your mood and get you feeling inspired. Mine is Regina Spektor- Us, if you're sat there after listening to this song wondering why you've heard it before the answer is 500 days of Summer I heard it on there about 4 years ago and it has always been my go to song, whether I am trying to write a blog post or get up in the mornings I just pop it on and I always seem in a better mood.On my wall is a collage of pictures of me with friends, and also quotes that are meaningful to me and no matter what I just look at a (the) photo's and one of them will just spark inspiration in me one of my favourite quotes on the wall is "you can't have sunshine without the rain" and that just somehow always puts a smile on my face. My final tip for getting some inspiration is go out for a day and just take pictures of everything and anything, you may look insane but it'll help, if you take them back and look through them and they may not be useful for anything whatsoever but some may be, they may strike an idea in you or just a nice thing to look at when you're uninspired.


  1. Nature always inspires me :-) xx

  2. I love Reginer Spektor, and US is one of my favs too, along with Samson. I'm with Louise nature always inspires me! :) x Hayley


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