Discovery Box

One of my favorite things is perfume and about 8 months ago I found out about the Discovery box from the fragrance shop, it's like a beauty box but for perfume you get 5-7 samples (one of which are for men)  of perfume and also a £5 off voucher if you decide to buy any of the bottles as full size. The perfumes come in the little sample sized bottles (2ML) it only costs £5 quarterly which in my opinion is an amazing deal and the best way to try out perfume before you buy or just a chance to have lots of different ones on the go at once! So what did I get in this box? 

Givenchy- Very Irresistible:
I've seen this fragrance everywhere lately, and although it is not my cup of tea I definitely think it is the perfect fragrance for spring, it has quite a floral smell to it! 

Elie Saab- Le Parfum:   
This fragrance is absolutely gorgeous, such a sweet smell and is something I'd definitely buy full sized, the perfume itself is a strong smell it is one of those perfumes you smell and keep coming back for more! 

Guerlain- La Petite Robe Noire: 
Not the sort of fragrance I'd wear unfortunately, it smells like something my grandmother would wear, not keen on the smell at all. 

Lacoste- Eau De Lacost:
Another gorgeous smelling fragrance from Lacoste, I am always a big fan of their perfumes they smell luscious, a very girly fragrance.   
Thierry Mugler- Alien Eau: 
I have smelt this fragrance many of times and it is so gorgeous, I fell in love with this scent all over again, very sweet smelling when I smell it I always think of designer not even sure why, but absolutely gorgeous, as soon as my current perfume runs out this is in! 
Loewe Solo Sport & Valentino Uomo:
These are the two fragrances for men that come in the box, I'd definitely be happy if my boyfriend came home in either of these both gorgeous smelling, I am considering buying him the Valentino one for our two year anniversary. Loewe Solo Sport reminds me of a golfing club it seems like quite an upmarket fragrance.  


  1. Ooh, interesting and a bit different from the usual beauty boxes.

  2. oh wow, that seems interesting, nice way to try them out, i saw you did a Birmingham blogger meet up, would love to attend the next one <3
    Natalie Lines Blog

  3. Never heard of Discovery box - I wonder if they ship to North America! I like the concept of shipping perfume samples. A girl can't have too many perfumes :)

  4. Anonymous13/3/14

    I got to review one of these last month and I loved it! However I received the one from the start of the year, so I'd love to get my hands on this box now. :)