Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hi lovelies, some of you may know that I organized a bloggers meet up which took place over the weekend, which I think went really well and thank you if you attending and I am hoping to organize another one at some point in the summer but I'll probably stick to a smaller scale as this one was super stressful! I hope everyone who came enjoyed it, and thank you to all of the lovely companies who provided items for the goody bags! So what actually happened on the day of the meet I hear you ask? Firstly I decided to start with some shopping we started at Selfridges and did a look around the beauty halls before splitting into smaller groups, I spent the majority of the day with Siobhan who is so lovely and bubbly and as she is going to Florida in May she spent the day shopping for essentials!

After the shopping, we headed to Birmingham lush and got a talk and a tour from the lovely ladies who taught us how to make a face mask and then we were shown how to make the "fluffy dragon" by another Lush assistant which smelt gorgeous! Lush also gave us goody bags each which I thought was so lovely of them! Finally, we headed to Ming Moon and I booked out the VIP so we could get to know each other on a better level and also get a talk from Chris & Kirsty (who you may of seen on this series of Take me out) who were talking about a company called Motives which was great! Then we ended the day with food and a raffle with all the money going to Rethink mental health! I hope everyone had as much of an amazing day, but I am glad it is finally over as I've been stressing since October!


  1. haha love the pictures :-) xx

  2. Love those photos haha!
    Thank you again for organising everything xx

  3. Have to say I'm the queen of photobombing! Can't wait to see you next! :D xx

  4. Great pictures! It was an amazing day, thank you for organising it :) xx

  5. Wow, this looked like so much fun! Love the photos :)

    Sian | Sian Marie Beauty

  6. haha me and my moenys ;) haha thanks for such a great day! x

  7. Sounds like you had so much fun!! :) xx



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