Valentines gift guide for him!

Valentines day, the question on everyone's lips what do you buy for your man? Christmas and their birthdays are hard enough, now valentines day too!? Us women are simple; flowers, chocolates and/or jewellery and we are happy but men are so much more difficult.  So what do you buy for that special man in your life I have complied a gift guide for all the girls struggling with what to get your fella.

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1. Boxers I don't know many men who get excited about buying some new boxers like us ladies do about getting our undergarments. So treat him to some new boxers, Calvin Klein are always a good one as they're a little more pricey. You can get them in many colours win win. 
2. A Dominos pizza Who doesn't love a pizza, especially from Dominos and they do say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. P.S. you can get yourself a cheeky pizza too, it'd be rude not too. 
3. A shaver If you're men are anything like my boyfriend he hates forking out for a new shaver and uses the excuse mine is fine, I don't need a new one when it isn't even doing the job anymore, it's a great gift and you can buy them in all price rages. 
4. A Wallet A new wallet is always a great gift for men, you can even buy phone cases with wallets attached, two birds with one stone. But seriously wallets are a good buy, I've seen some good ones in River island and Tesco. 
5. Chocolate At valentines day nobody ever thinks to buy their boyfriend chocolate but men love chocolate too! What's wrong with buying him a huge box of choccies in a heart shaped box, nothing. 
6. A Watch This is more of a pricey gift, but if you're boyfriend is always loosing track of time why not treat him to a new watch, it doesn't need to cost the earth to look nice and do the job. 

Olivia Thristan


  1. We don't really do presents for Valentine's Day but I do love the idea of a pizza present. Do you think they'd put the toppings in a little heart if I asked nicely?

  2. Great ideas, really! We don't do presents as well, but we treat ourselves to a nice dinner! I got watch for my boyfriend once, quite pricey as well, he lost no nice and expensive presents for him anymore! I have a similar guide on my blog, have a look if you want to

  3. We don't really 'do' presents, but we do have a night in so the pizza idea is great!

    Maxine, xx

  4. The watch is really lovely x