Valentines day if you're single!

It sucks being single on valentines day, we've all been there! Your friends being swept of their feet by their partners for a slap up meal with roses you get the jist. It sucks even more if you've recently been through a break up, seeing displays of PDA left right and centre even worse if you have to see it all day long. Flowers being delivered to the office, couples kissing on the tube, restaurants filled with couples and what's worse is the pitying look they give you, but who needs to feel sorry for themselves this valentines day, not you! I've complied a list of fun things to do valentines day and guess what? You don't need a relationship!

1. A day filled with comedy films or your favourite comedy box set (bring on the friends marathon!) If you have a single friend even better, crack open the wine and enjoy the day in your PJ's watching something hilarious, you must have chocolate too. This is essential.

2. Shopping, Shopping and more Shopping!
Got to admit this isn't the best one for your bank balance, but why not treat yourself to that lipstick you've been lusting after for ages, after all you don't have to fork out for dinner and presents you deserve a treat don't you.

3. If you've got a group of friends who are single have a little we hate valentines day party, yes I am referring to film valentines day when I say this! You can host it at home, cook a meal and play some I hate valentines day games with a bottle of wine or even go out as a group, who says you can't have a nice on valentines day and a slap up meal!

4. Spend the day blasting tunes and doing some baking! I love baking it always makes me happy and licking the bowl is even better! Make yourself a happy upbeat playlist and dance around the house, like a crazy lady but why not it's fun!

5. Spend the day like any other.
After all it is only another normal day, just about with your normal day to day activities.

Who needs a date this valentines day when you can have this much fun? 

Olivia Thristan


  1. This is such a good idea but I'm stuck at college on valentines day! Might just take it off and watch friends aha x

  2. You go girl! Great ideas :) I've got a 'perks of being single' post coming up too! Xx

  3. I'm spending Valentine's day this year with a group of my girl mates watching DVDs and eating junk food. Can. Not. Wait!

  4. This is such a great list of ideas! Valentines day shouldn't make single people feel bad for being single, whether it's a choice or not, it's just like any other day :)

    Even in a relationship I'm not a huge fan of the day, as I'm a poor student who can't treat my boyfriend, we'll be staying in watching films anyway aha!


  5. I don't find that valentine's day makes me feel bad as a single person! Mainly cos I'm happy being single at the moment and it's very muchn my choice to be single. I think valentine's should be seen as a day to celebrate love with anyone so I really don't think hating on it is a nice idea! Do you know the story of St Valentine? The thing I hate about valentine's is how commercialized it is now! xo

  6. I completely agree with you - my OH and I don't celebrate it! We spend our first one together watching a horror film! I think it's completely over commercialised! I have a few DIY's coming up on my blog for money-saving gestures - but really I think we should spend each day of the year celebrating whatever relationship status we have! Great post! x