19 February 2014

Syn Free Pancakes.

First off, I am going to say this recipe is not my own, I found it online and decided to share with you guys, this won't interest everyone as it is for people on slimming world. But I do recommend if you love pancakes and are doing slimming world try this recipe. You only need 3 ingredients: Eggs, Fry Light and Sweetener and of course what you are topping your pancakes with. (I used half a lemon and some sweetener)   

To make these it's a very simple and easy recipe.

You will need: 
2 Eggs
Vanilla Extract
6-8 spoons of sweetner 
Fry Light

  • Separate the egg yolk and white, add the white and the sugar together and mix well. 
  • Add a drop of vanilla essence and the egg york. Mix again.
  • Cover your frying pan in fry light, Let the side cook until it is ready to lift. Then Flip. Repeat. 
And you are done, it's that simple. 

I am not going to tell you they taste exactly like pancakes because they don't but it is a syn free way to enjoy pancakes! 
Do you like to see recipes on the blog? Let me know! 


  1. Ooh, guilt free pancakes, yes please!! Mine always fall apart though ha! xx

  2. Ahh I'm following the slimming world plan and I love pancakes butttt I'm not sure I'd like these cus' I'm not huge on eggs. Do they taste like pancakes or more like an omelette? xx


  3. Ooh I definitely need to give these a go! :)
    They sound so yummy and I'm glad they're not too fattening either!