Primark & Boots Haul!

I'm pretty sure most people have done a haul at both of these stores in their lifetime, but there is something different about bloggers we enjoy reading about each others hauls, well I do. I was originally going to make this post as a youtube video but most of my youtube videos seem to be hauls, so I am going to share it as a post instead! It's only a baby haul but I still hope you enjoy reading it! 

 As most of you probably already know Boots currently has a 3 for 2, which is amazing considering I needed some new foundation when I checked my boots card I had £27.56- I had totally ran out of foundation and the lady recommend the Rimmel Matte one, I have tried a small sample of this in my advent calender and I really liked it so I decided to get it again, along with a primer and the stay matte powder! Every time I go into boots I buy a lipstick, naughty I know! I have recently fell in love with Barry M lipsticks I've never really considered them for Lipstick up until recently and they have so many gorgeous and bright colours and I had to try some, the colours I picked are perfect for spring/summer! I picked shade 62, which looks dark on the bottom but I opened it up and it's super bright baby pink, my favorite of the three! 151 which also looks pink on the bottom it's actually a bright peach colour, still super pretty! Finally I spent ages trying to decide which other lipstick I wanted, I look at the Kate ones for ages but I couldn't find a colour I wanted so I went to the 17 counter, I didn't like their matte lipsticks at all but I thought I would give them another chance I picked this gorgeous bright pink looks like the colour on the bottom and it's so lovely! My final boots purchase was some batiste medium brown dry shampoo, my fringe always looks horrible so I decided I would try this brown batiste and see how it goes! Very happy with my boots purchases!

 I couldn't resist visiting Primark during a recent trip to Telford, I was in a desperate need for some new t-shirts as I haven't got many as I have been changing weight a lot I got 4 tops and a cute pair of flats for £25.00 which is amazing considering how much it is for one item in Topshop, I get that they're not as good quality but still! I saw this cute butterfly top first and it was only £4, perfect for when it gets a little warmer and I thought these flats with the bows on would go well with it and my other girly clothes! I also bought some plain t-shirts which are good with anything, dress up with a skirt or down with some converse and skinny jeans! Also £4 each, bargain! My final purchase was this Nirvana tee, I do actually like Nirvana, and this top would go great with anything this cost £8. Not bad for 20 minutes work! 


  1. I love that butterfly top its cute.

  2. Such a great post. I love your blog it's such an enjoyable read :-)
    Beth x