18 February 2014

My bath and body works haul!

Some of you may know around about a month ago I did a UK/USA beauty swap with a lovely girl called Ami, and she got me hooked on some amazing products, and although I am going to Florida later on in year I could not wait that long, some of you may also know my day works in different places around the world and one just happens to be the USA. So I decided I would send him shopping in the bath and body works, I bet he loved that. He should be glad it wasn't Victoria's Secret *giggles* I only sent him with a small shopping list as his brain probably would of gone into overload ha. So here's my small Bath & Body works haul! 

I do have three of these Fragrance Mists, but one already made it to my bag which is somewhere downstairs (I am so lazy!) after reciveing these from my beauty swap I had get some more in different flavours, they smell gorgeous and are small (travel sized editions) and light to carry in your bag- beats carrying a bottle of perfume. I am so in love with AIR I think it smells exactly like a perfume by Taylor Swift!  

These little cuties are hand sanitisers, they all smell so nice and working on a check out they are an essential. I was a bit bored of home bargains basic hand sanitizer, and it does not smell anything like these do! You can buy them in bigger sizes, which I did not know! I shall be investing myself when I go to Florida but these are great for anywhere, your bag and work pocket are good places! They all have their unique smells which smell like they say on the bottle; except the diamond one, the last time I checked they don't have smells. 

Finally these mini candles, they were on an offer 3 for $10 which is like £7, what a great deal. Firstly the packaging is so cute isn't it? I picked these based on the packaging not the smell (as I was a bit far away to smell them) My favourite is the pink bubblegum one, it smells just like hubba bubba yummy! I am not too keen Raspberry Peach Macaroon, has a bit of a strange smell. But as I am yet to burn it, could smell different. The Caribbean escape is lush, it smells like the sea and sand? It sounds weird but everyone knows that hot beach smell right? 

Have you ever visited bath and body works? 


  1. I've never been there need to go

  2. I am so jealous! I wish we had the Bath & Body works products over here x

  3. Oooh you got some lovely stuff. Wish we had a bath and body works in the UK.