Miss Manga Mascara

So I finally spent the remainders of my boots gift cards, but I bought some beauties, the first was this Miss Manga Mascara By L'oreal Paris, I've seen advertised on TV so many times, the advert is a little bit strange but that didn't put me off. The product itself caught my eye, the brush moves in any direction making it easier to get those stray lashes, so did it live up to what it claims. I would say yes it does, firstly because it does make my lashes look a lot fuller, which is what I love and I managed to get the same full look without using 3 different mascaras! *Thumbs up* Secondly the bottom lashes are usually a big problem I always end up getting the mascara under my eye lashes then smudging it, and it's a huge disaster (bit of an overreaction!)  but you get my point, the advert also says it'll make the lashes on the bottom as full as the top. For once I actually agree, I was brave and bought the mascara without a curved brush but I am super duper happy with the result! You can buy this product for £8.99 and I think it's totally worth the hype.

(apologies for the picture of me looking weird!)


  1. Cant wait to give this a try son! Sounds great!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  2. Worth the hype..Thats awesome...I wud love to get one too then :) <3

    following ya..hope a follow back hun :) <3