Denman Roaring Ruby!

Denman is a company I've heard of quite regularly whenever I've had my hair styled I've always been told get a Denman brush and you won't go back, a few months back I did go out and buy myself a fake one, but after using the real one it's not a patch on it. I received the limited edition Anar Kitty brush called Roaring Ruby. The brush itself is based on the 1920's and has a pin up girl on, the colour of the brush is gorgeous ruby red, and I love getting it out in public or when I'm at university as people always look at it and ask to take a look *true story* it's a very eye catching product.  The denman brushes come in all shapes and sizes, and the hair dresser was right, after using a Denman I will definitely not want to go back. It gets out all of knots in my hair no problem and is easy to use when styling my hair wet or dry. If you want to buy this gorgeous product you can do here and what makes it even better is it as special edition cue the ooo's and aaars.

*I was not paid to write this review all opinions and thoughts are my own

Olivia Thristan

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