Primark & Boots Haul!

I'm pretty sure most people have done a haul at both of these stores in their lifetime, but there is something different about bloggers we enjoy reading about each others hauls, well I do. I was originally going to make this post as a youtube video but most of my youtube videos seem to be hauls, so I am going to share it as a post instead! It's only a baby haul but I still hope you enjoy reading it! 

 As most of you probably already know Boots currently has a 3 for 2, which is amazing considering I needed some new foundation when I checked my boots card I had £27.56- I had totally ran out of foundation and the lady recommend the Rimmel Matte one, I have tried a small sample of this in my advent calender and I really liked it so I decided to get it again, along with a primer and the stay matte powder! Every time I go into boots I buy a lipstick, naughty I know! I have recently fell in love with Barry M lipsticks I've never really considered them for Lipstick up until recently and they have so many gorgeous and bright colours and I had to try some, the colours I picked are perfect for spring/summer! I picked shade 62, which looks dark on the bottom but I opened it up and it's super bright baby pink, my favorite of the three! 151 which also looks pink on the bottom it's actually a bright peach colour, still super pretty! Finally I spent ages trying to decide which other lipstick I wanted, I look at the Kate ones for ages but I couldn't find a colour I wanted so I went to the 17 counter, I didn't like their matte lipsticks at all but I thought I would give them another chance I picked this gorgeous bright pink looks like the colour on the bottom and it's so lovely! My final boots purchase was some batiste medium brown dry shampoo, my fringe always looks horrible so I decided I would try this brown batiste and see how it goes! Very happy with my boots purchases!

 I couldn't resist visiting Primark during a recent trip to Telford, I was in a desperate need for some new t-shirts as I haven't got many as I have been changing weight a lot I got 4 tops and a cute pair of flats for £25.00 which is amazing considering how much it is for one item in Topshop, I get that they're not as good quality but still! I saw this cute butterfly top first and it was only £4, perfect for when it gets a little warmer and I thought these flats with the bows on would go well with it and my other girly clothes! I also bought some plain t-shirts which are good with anything, dress up with a skirt or down with some converse and skinny jeans! Also £4 each, bargain! My final purchase was this Nirvana tee, I do actually like Nirvana, and this top would go great with anything this cost £8. Not bad for 20 minutes work! 

Sunday Summary #2

This week: I have been out to "rock night" with the best friend and got majorly drunk, ate the biggest piece of cake ever, reached 700 followers on my blog (thank you so much everyone!) and ate a crispy kreme donut, mmm it is safe to say that I have broken my diet majorly *tut tut* I have also filmed some youtube videos with the lovely Charlotte, been ice skating which was terrible and also bought lots of new clothes!

Syn Free Pancakes.

First off, I am going to say this recipe is not my own, I found it online and decided to share with you guys, this won't interest everyone as it is for people on slimming world. But I do recommend if you love pancakes and are doing slimming world try this recipe. You only need 3 ingredients: Eggs, Fry Light and Sweetener and of course what you are topping your pancakes with. (I used half a lemon and some sweetener)   

To make these it's a very simple and easy recipe.

You will need: 
2 Eggs
Vanilla Extract
6-8 spoons of sweetner 
Fry Light

  • Separate the egg yolk and white, add the white and the sugar together and mix well. 
  • Add a drop of vanilla essence and the egg york. Mix again.
  • Cover your frying pan in fry light, Let the side cook until it is ready to lift. Then Flip. Repeat. 
And you are done, it's that simple. 

I am not going to tell you they taste exactly like pancakes because they don't but it is a syn free way to enjoy pancakes! 
Do you like to see recipes on the blog? Let me know! 

My bath and body works haul!

Some of you may know around about a month ago I did a UK/USA beauty swap with a lovely girl called Ami, and she got me hooked on some amazing products, and although I am going to Florida later on in year I could not wait that long, some of you may also know my day works in different places around the world and one just happens to be the USA. So I decided I would send him shopping in the bath and body works, I bet he loved that. He should be glad it wasn't Victoria's Secret *giggles* I only sent him with a small shopping list as his brain probably would of gone into overload ha. So here's my small Bath & Body works haul! 

I do have three of these Fragrance Mists, but one already made it to my bag which is somewhere downstairs (I am so lazy!) after reciveing these from my beauty swap I had get some more in different flavours, they smell gorgeous and are small (travel sized editions) and light to carry in your bag- beats carrying a bottle of perfume. I am so in love with AIR I think it smells exactly like a perfume by Taylor Swift!  

These little cuties are hand sanitisers, they all smell so nice and working on a check out they are an essential. I was a bit bored of home bargains basic hand sanitizer, and it does not smell anything like these do! You can buy them in bigger sizes, which I did not know! I shall be investing myself when I go to Florida but these are great for anywhere, your bag and work pocket are good places! They all have their unique smells which smell like they say on the bottle; except the diamond one, the last time I checked they don't have smells. 

Finally these mini candles, they were on an offer 3 for $10 which is like £7, what a great deal. Firstly the packaging is so cute isn't it? I picked these based on the packaging not the smell (as I was a bit far away to smell them) My favourite is the pink bubblegum one, it smells just like hubba bubba yummy! I am not too keen Raspberry Peach Macaroon, has a bit of a strange smell. But as I am yet to burn it, could smell different. The Caribbean escape is lush, it smells like the sea and sand? It sounds weird but everyone knows that hot beach smell right? 

Have you ever visited bath and body works? 

Sunday Summary #1

I have seen a few of these posts and I love them, and it's also a good way to remember to photograph things as I always seem to forget hence why my Instagram is pretty lonely. I plan to do this post every Sunday if people enjoy it! 

Summary: This week my dad returned from America bringing me back the Bath & Body works goodies that I asked for, will be a post and video on this soon! For valentines day my boyfriend took me to the chinese buffet, and you can see my weird eating habits of duck pancakes (with no duck) and some rice with prawn crackers- if you are coming to the Birmingham Meet up you can see my weird food choices first hand. My gorgeous roses from the boyfriend, also for valentines day. Finally my lovely cat Smudge, enjoying the sun today.
Some Awesome Blogs: A Simple Melody & Coleoftheball

My American Beauty Swap!

In November after reading several posts on American beauty swaps and seeing these gorgeous goodies everyone was getting, I really wanted to take part in one myself after asking a few times on twitter I got a reply from Ami who said she was interested in taking part! So after exchanging emails and lists of things we wanted we decided to send our packages in the last week of January. 9 LONG days of waiting my package finally arrived and today I am going to show you what I received! I also made a youtube video of what I received so if you fancy a little watch click here. What what did I receive: 

 All the gorgeous things I recieved in one picture, I was so excited to open it all!

My wet n wild goodies, eyeshadow in walking on eggshells and Don't steal my thunder & Matte Lipsticks in Purty Persimmon & Cherry Picking (they both look gorge!) 

 I asked for some cover girl items, I have the flamed up mascara and the lipstick in delight delice! 

I adore EOS Balms, I already own 2 so I had to get more, these are in the flavors, Summer fruits, mint and blueberry, the mint one smells just like mint choc chip ice cream. 

 The lipsticks and glosses, The Color Whisper in Orange Attitude, Maybelline in Vivid Rose (my favorite thing of the whole swap!) Stay Matte Lipgloss, a Colour Riche lipgloss in peach fuzz, Jordana Lipsticks which are in the shades 10 Red & Orange and amazingly bright Wet n Wild Lipgloss in Fushia!

 These chap ices smell so lovely, I have them in Blue raspberry, Watermelon and Mint (which isn't pictured)

 The nail varnishes are the NYC in Disco Inferno, Sally Hansen in Fuchsia Power & Quick Jeanius.
 Some lovely chocolate which I was keen to try, Hersheys and A kitkat (although we can get them over here the packaging on this kit kat is so cute! )

 Finally some Pocket Bac in the flavous New york taxi, Raspberry Blossom and Fresh Strawberries (not pictured), Love Spell body lotion from Victorias Secret (smells so lush!) Fragrance mist in Warm Vanilla Sugar and Amber Blush (lovelovelove these) and some mints from Victorias Secret!

Once again thank you to Ami for these lovely goodies and I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Have you ever tried any American goodies, what are your faves?

Miss Manga Mascara

So I finally spent the remainders of my boots gift cards, but I bought some beauties, the first was this Miss Manga Mascara By L'oreal Paris, I've seen advertised on TV so many times, the advert is a little bit strange but that didn't put me off. The product itself caught my eye, the brush moves in any direction making it easier to get those stray lashes, so did it live up to what it claims. I would say yes it does, firstly because it does make my lashes look a lot fuller, which is what I love and I managed to get the same full look without using 3 different mascaras! *Thumbs up* Secondly the bottom lashes are usually a big problem I always end up getting the mascara under my eye lashes then smudging it, and it's a huge disaster (bit of an overreaction!)  but you get my point, the advert also says it'll make the lashes on the bottom as full as the top. For once I actually agree, I was brave and bought the mascara without a curved brush but I am super duper happy with the result! You can buy this product for £8.99 and I think it's totally worth the hype.

(apologies for the picture of me looking weird!)