Febuary Favourites

This is my first favorites of the month post but they seem quite popular amongst the blogging community so I decided I'd share some of my favorites as there were a fair few I just chose a couple, some of these have already featured on my blog at some point but I am going to talk about them in a little bit more detail! I'd like to start by saying how on earth is it March tomorrow? Doesn't feel two minutes since it was Christmas! 

I recently discovered Barry M lipsticks and I now own 4 and they're all so bright (just like their nail varnishes) they are long lasting and feel silky smooth on your lips I didn't think they'd be as good as they are. This picture doesn't show how bright this lipstick really is! But definitely my favorite lipstick of this month. 

This eyeliner by Eyeko came in my February Birchbox and I've already ordered myself the big version with my Birchbox points, it's only £12.00 (free with my birch points) but if I was paying it would be worth every penny, the colour is black and gives a long lasting application, it makes it super easy to do all the cat flicks and lines which I've never been able to do!  

I have been on the hunt for a foundation for some time now and when I popped into boots it was 3 for 2 so I treated myself to a powder as well. This foundation leaves my skin feeling smooth and gives a good even coverage which lasts all day for the price tag I was very impressed! I decided to get the primer to go with it, it's lovely and leaves my skin feeling smooth also and keeps my make-up on all day!

Finally the product on everyones lips, well eye lashes. The Miss Manga Mascara, I saw the adverts on tv and the brush looked exactly like the thing I'd use so I went and bought it without reading anything about it as I wanted to make up my own mind about it, it definitely my favorite mascara that I've owned for ages! If you haven't tried this mascara yet I would do so! I have almost run out already! Which is a first for me, I think I'll finally have enough products for an empties post!

I hope you enjoyed reading and I would love some links to your February favorites.
Olivia Thristan

The Teenage Chronicles #2

We've all been teenagers at some point in our lives, but if you could go back and tell yourself what you know now, you would right? But some of the things we do as teenagers make us who we are today. As part of a new series on my blog I am doing a series of posts on my teenage life. The second post is about my own "sleepover club". When I was in year 7, my favourite programme was the sleepover club, I had a group of 4 friends, we used to get dropped off in town to meet up as a group, we would do the things normal 12 year old girls do when they are allowed to go to town, spend time all the shops their parents hated spending time in. Back then my favourite shop was MK1 what happened to that shop?! Where we would buy neon vest tops and blue jeans. Great fashion sense obviously, we would have lunch in Mcdonalds followed by a trip to a sweet shop and get a huge bag of pick n mix, everything your parents moaned about letting you do. As well as shopping in town we would have sleepovers at each others houses, just like the programme all that was missing was a club book, so on a trip to town we bought the brightest coloured book, and a pack of gel pens and during lunchtimes and at sleepovers we would try our own sleepover challenges like the programme, and write it all up afterwards, we would take it in turns to host sleepovers and who ever hosted the sleepover wrote in the book- very organized I must say. I think the club lasted for about 8 months and we started to grow out of it and the TV show finished. I've got to admit we thought it was cool at the time, but it really wasn't. I mean who writes about every event of a sleepover in a book, and it had a huge list of a our weekly crush, after finding this book out a couple of weeks, I was in hysterics about some of the boys we fancied. But it's fun to be young and naive, and I think I'll keep this book for a while. 

Was anyone else part of a club when they were younger?

Olivia Thristan

Denman Roaring Ruby!

Denman is a company I've heard of quite regularly whenever I've had my hair styled I've always been told get a Denman brush and you won't go back, a few months back I did go out and buy myself a fake one, but after using the real one it's not a patch on it. I received the limited edition Anar Kitty brush called Roaring Ruby. The brush itself is based on the 1920's and has a pin up girl on, the colour of the brush is gorgeous ruby red, and I love getting it out in public or when I'm at university as people always look at it and ask to take a look *true story* it's a very eye catching product.  The denman brushes come in all shapes and sizes, and the hair dresser was right, after using a Denman I will definitely not want to go back. It gets out all of knots in my hair no problem and is easy to use when styling my hair wet or dry. If you want to buy this gorgeous product you can do here and what makes it even better is it as special edition cue the ooo's and aaars.

*I was not paid to write this review all opinions and thoughts are my own

Olivia Thristan

Primark & Boots Haul!

I'm pretty sure most people have done a haul at both of these stores in their lifetime, but there is something different about bloggers we enjoy reading about each others hauls, well I do. I was originally going to make this post as a youtube video but most of my youtube videos seem to be hauls, so I am going to share it as a post instead! It's only a baby haul but I still hope you enjoy reading it! 

 As most of you probably already know Boots currently has a 3 for 2, which is amazing considering I needed some new foundation when I checked my boots card I had £27.56- I had totally ran out of foundation and the lady recommend the Rimmel Matte one, I have tried a small sample of this in my advent calender and I really liked it so I decided to get it again, along with a primer and the stay matte powder! Every time I go into boots I buy a lipstick, naughty I know! I have recently fell in love with Barry M lipsticks I've never really considered them for Lipstick up until recently and they have so many gorgeous and bright colours and I had to try some, the colours I picked are perfect for spring/summer! I picked shade 62, which looks dark on the bottom but I opened it up and it's super bright baby pink, my favorite of the three! 151 which also looks pink on the bottom it's actually a bright peach colour, still super pretty! Finally I spent ages trying to decide which other lipstick I wanted, I look at the Kate ones for ages but I couldn't find a colour I wanted so I went to the 17 counter, I didn't like their matte lipsticks at all but I thought I would give them another chance I picked this gorgeous bright pink looks like the colour on the bottom and it's so lovely! My final boots purchase was some batiste medium brown dry shampoo, my fringe always looks horrible so I decided I would try this brown batiste and see how it goes! Very happy with my boots purchases!

 I couldn't resist visiting Primark during a recent trip to Telford, I was in a desperate need for some new t-shirts as I haven't got many as I have been changing weight a lot I got 4 tops and a cute pair of flats for £25.00 which is amazing considering how much it is for one item in Topshop, I get that they're not as good quality but still! I saw this cute butterfly top first and it was only £4, perfect for when it gets a little warmer and I thought these flats with the bows on would go well with it and my other girly clothes! I also bought some plain t-shirts which are good with anything, dress up with a skirt or down with some converse and skinny jeans! Also £4 each, bargain! My final purchase was this Nirvana tee, I do actually like Nirvana, and this top would go great with anything this cost £8. Not bad for 20 minutes work! 

Olivia Thristan

Sunday Summary #2

This week: I have been out to "rock night" with the best friend and got majorly drunk, ate the biggest piece of cake ever, reached 700 followers on my blog (thank you so much everyone!) and ate a crispy kreme donut, mmm it is safe to say that I have broken my diet majorly *tut tut* I have also filmed some youtube videos with the lovely Charlotte, been ice skating which was terrible and also bought lots of new clothes!

Olivia Thristan

The Teenage Chronicles. #1

This is a new feature on my blog and it may totally fail and be boring to you guys, but as this is my last year of being a teenager- I can't believe it! I decided I would share some of the things that have happened to me in my years of being a teenager, so you can laugh just like I am during writing them. Some of the stuff is tragic (in a funny way) where better to start than my first relationship. I was in year 8 when I got into my first relationship and it lasted around 2 months (this is a long time when you are 13) we met at school I didn't have a type back then as no guy had even looked in direction, the guy asked me out on MSN, very 2008. I said yes, and with this he was in my name with two hearts around and the same for him. Facebook wasn't big back then it was all about MSN, and with this our relationship was sealed. I spent nearly every lunch time watching him play football on the courts. He was terrible but he was my boyfriend so I thought he was amazing, I've got to admit watching the boys of my year play football for 50 minutes wasn't the highlight of my school years. But at the time I felt cool, so lame. We would meet up in the park by his house and just walk around, talk and once again watch him play football with his friends. This continued for 2 months until he dumped me for this other girl my year, I was distraught at the time, you try telling a 13 year old girl that it'll get easier, they don't believe you. My MSN name was restored to my friends again. I cried for about a week straight, thinking it was never going to get easier, if only I could go back and tell myself how silly I was being. It turns out, this guy turned out to be my best friend throughout high school and was always there when I needed him, we always had a good laugh at how he was my first boyfriend. Although we are no longer in contact, I'll always remember him as my first "boyfriend". 

Olivia Thristan

Syn Free Pancakes.

First off, I am going to say this recipe is not my own, I found it online and decided to share with you guys, this won't interest everyone as it is for people on slimming world. But I do recommend if you love pancakes and are doing slimming world try this recipe. You only need 3 ingredients: Eggs, Fry Light and Sweetener and of course what you are topping your pancakes with. (I used half a lemon and some sweetener)   

To make these it's a very simple and easy recipe.

You will need: 
2 Eggs
Vanilla Extract
6-8 spoons of sweetner 
Fry Light

  • Separate the egg yolk and white, add the white and the sugar together and mix well. 
  • Add a drop of vanilla essence and the egg york. Mix again.
  • Cover your frying pan in fry light, Let the side cook until it is ready to lift. Then Flip. Repeat. 
And you are done, it's that simple. 

I am not going to tell you they taste exactly like pancakes because they don't but it is a syn free way to enjoy pancakes! 
Do you like to see recipes on the blog? Let me know! 

Olivia Thristan

My bath and body works haul!

Some of you may know around about a month ago I did a UK/USA beauty swap with a lovely girl called Ami, and she got me hooked on some amazing products, and although I am going to Florida later on in year I could not wait that long, some of you may also know my day works in different places around the world and one just happens to be the USA. So I decided I would send him shopping in the bath and body works, I bet he loved that. He should be glad it wasn't Victoria's Secret *giggles* I only sent him with a small shopping list as his brain probably would of gone into overload ha. So here's my small Bath & Body works haul! 

I do have three of these Fragrance Mists, but one already made it to my bag which is somewhere downstairs (I am so lazy!) after reciveing these from my beauty swap I had get some more in different flavours, they smell gorgeous and are small (travel sized editions) and light to carry in your bag- beats carrying a bottle of perfume. I am so in love with AIR I think it smells exactly like a perfume by Taylor Swift!  

These little cuties are hand sanitisers, they all smell so nice and working on a check out they are an essential. I was a bit bored of home bargains basic hand sanitizer, and it does not smell anything like these do! You can buy them in bigger sizes, which I did not know! I shall be investing myself when I go to Florida but these are great for anywhere, your bag and work pocket are good places! They all have their unique smells which smell like they say on the bottle; except the diamond one, the last time I checked they don't have smells. 

Finally these mini candles, they were on an offer 3 for $10 which is like £7, what a great deal. Firstly the packaging is so cute isn't it? I picked these based on the packaging not the smell (as I was a bit far away to smell them) My favourite is the pink bubblegum one, it smells just like hubba bubba yummy! I am not too keen Raspberry Peach Macaroon, has a bit of a strange smell. But as I am yet to burn it, could smell different. The Caribbean escape is lush, it smells like the sea and sand? It sounds weird but everyone knows that hot beach smell right? 

Have you ever visited bath and body works? 

Olivia Thristan

Sunday Summary #1

I have seen a few of these posts and I love them, and it's also a good way to remember to photograph things as I always seem to forget hence why my Instagram is pretty lonely. I plan to do this post every Sunday if people enjoy it! 

Summary: This week my dad returned from America bringing me back the Bath & Body works goodies that I asked for, will be a post and video on this soon! For valentines day my boyfriend took me to the chinese buffet, and you can see my weird eating habits of duck pancakes (with no duck) and some rice with prawn crackers- if you are coming to the Birmingham Meet up you can see my weird food choices first hand. My gorgeous roses from the boyfriend, also for valentines day. Finally my lovely cat Smudge, enjoying the sun today.
Some Awesome Blogs: A Simple Melody & Coleoftheball
Olivia Thristan

Product of the month!

I am always trying new exciting things on my blog and whilst sat watching youtube videos an amazing idea popped into my head and although I know everyone does their monthly favourites post I have decided each month I will pick one product and talk about why it is my product of the month; the only slight problem with this one is if you're British (like myself) it is a little harder to get your hands on eos balms, but no fear we have Balmi over here which is sort of the same. So eos when my dad was over in America last year I did ask him to buy me one and after using it I was wishing I'd asked for another 10, they're just so amazing, smell good and moisturise- can't ask for much more than that! So when me and Ami did our beauty swap I asked her to send me some and she did not disappoint she sent me, summer fruits, mint and blueberry which all smell so pretty. Each leaves your lips feeling great and the packaging is just a bonus! Like I mentioned earlier in the post, if you are from the UK these aren't as easy to get your hands on but you can get Balmi, they still have some great flavours!

What did you think of this months "product of the month?"

Olivia Thristan

Q&A Tag.

After reading a few of these I decided to ask for some questions from my fellow bloggers on twitter and here are my favourites:

Eloise What's your favourite type of post to do?
I love doing review posts, I find them really interesting to do and also it lets other bloggers know about products which are worth buying and which aren't

Ashleigh Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Cheesy answer coming up, Married with kids and in a job that I love, I can dream right?

Katie What is the one brand that's never failed to impress you?
I'll go with Barry M, their nail varnishes and lipstick are top.

Shona Elizabeth When did you first start thinking about blogging and why?
My best friend has a blog and she was always talking to lovely people and posting great posts and I thought to myself, I can do this and then a week later Dungarees&Donuts was born.

Claire & Nic What brand have you never really warmed to?
Unpopular Opinion but Benefit, don't get me wrong they do have some good products but I have found ones which are similar and just as good if not better and I do not get on with their porefessional.

Terri What made you get into blog designing and what platform do you use to create designs/headers?
I used to hate using photoshop at college and over summer I just kept practising and I found it was actually really good, so I ended up getting really into it and lots of people were interested in designs and it sort of grew from there!

Day Vene What is one thing, make-up wise, that you must do before leaving the house?
Put eye-liner on, I feel so naked without it.

Lizzie if you had to pick 3 make-up items to only use for the rest of your life, what would they be? Mascara, Foundation and Eyeliner! It'd be boring and I'd look a bit pale but those are my must haves.

Kayleigh What product cost you the least but impressed you the most?
The MUA lipsticks, they're all really good quality and they only cost £1 can't go wrong with that.

Olivia Thristan

Valentines Day Make-up!

Hi everyone! My names Beth and I write the blog MissBeautyObsession. When the lovely Jess contacted me asking if I'd like to guest post on her blog, I jumped at the chance. Dungarees And Donuts is one of my favourite blogs so I'm feeling very honoured to be writing a post for you all today. I hope you enjoy!

Not to be a complete cliché or anything but when I think of Valentines Day the first colour that pops to mind is of course, red. Red symbolises love (well, sometimes anger and blood but we'll leave those out for the purpose of this post) and with hearts and red roses plastered around the shops, it's hard not to link Valentine's day with the shade red. This make-up tutorial is very natural but of course with a red lipstick - you can't leave out the red lippy!

Step 1 - Firstly apply your foundation. I won't be using foundation for this particular look as my skins been pretty good recently so I don't feel the need to apply foundation but feel free to add this into your look. I'm going to be using Seventeen Phwoarr Concealer as the coverage is excellent and whenever I'm having a good skin day, I'll always reach for this. I dab this under my eyes and the inner corners and blend it out with my ring finger. 

Step 2 - Then powder your whole face. I'm going to be using the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. This gives a light coverage but just enough to control the shine.
Step 3 - At this stage you can apply bronzer under your cheekbones, on your temples and down your nose. My personal favourite is Nars Laguna or Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I usually use a kabuki brush but if I want to take more time contouring then I'll use my Real Techniques contour brush.
Step 4 - To add a bit of colour to your cheeks Dior Rosy Glow Blush in Petal. This gives a natural rosy glow which is perfect for Valentines Day. 
Step 5 - For eyebrows I've been using the Maybelline Brow Drama in Medium Brown. I have to say this isn't the best I've used but it's perfect for a natural everyday look, especially if you have a statement lip. 
Step 6 - Move onto the eyeshadow and lately I've been reaching for my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette.  Naked 3 would probably be the perfect palette for this look but unfortunately I don't have it but if you do then feel free to use it as I think the rose toned shades would be perfect for this look. Apply Foxy as a base all over the lid using the Urban Decay crease brush it comes with, then take YDK into the crease just to create that defined look. Apply Suspect all over the lid and then go over it using Foxy again. If you want some extra sparkle take Half Baked or Chopper (both equally beautiful sparkle shades), and go over all the shades. Then blend them all together and remove any harsh lines.
Step 7 - The next step is mascara. I've been using Maybelline The Falsies mascara lately so curl your lashes and apply two coats of mascara to open your eyes. 
Step 8 - For the finishing touch take your red lipstick. My favourite is the l'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in 461 Scarlett Creme. It's very moisturising and smells incredible. 

So there we have it, my Valentines Day Make-up Tutorial. Feel free to change bits of it if it doesn't suit you, especially if you aren't one for red lippy as I know it takes a while to get used to 'bright lips'. I really hope you enjoyed reading my guest post, I had lots of fun writing it! Make sure you pop by my blog and say hello if you get the chance, I'd love to hear from you! 

Love Beth
Olivia Thristan

Valentines gift guide for him!

Valentines day, the question on everyone's lips what do you buy for your man? Christmas and their birthdays are hard enough, now valentines day too!? Us women are simple; flowers, chocolates and/or jewellery and we are happy but men are so much more difficult.  So what do you buy for that special man in your life I have complied a gift guide for all the girls struggling with what to get your fella.

left to right
1. Boxers I don't know many men who get excited about buying some new boxers like us ladies do about getting our undergarments. So treat him to some new boxers, Calvin Klein are always a good one as they're a little more pricey. You can get them in many colours win win. 
2. A Dominos pizza Who doesn't love a pizza, especially from Dominos and they do say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. P.S. you can get yourself a cheeky pizza too, it'd be rude not too. 
3. A shaver If you're men are anything like my boyfriend he hates forking out for a new shaver and uses the excuse mine is fine, I don't need a new one when it isn't even doing the job anymore, it's a great gift and you can buy them in all price rages. 
4. A Wallet A new wallet is always a great gift for men, you can even buy phone cases with wallets attached, two birds with one stone. But seriously wallets are a good buy, I've seen some good ones in River island and Tesco. 
5. Chocolate At valentines day nobody ever thinks to buy their boyfriend chocolate but men love chocolate too! What's wrong with buying him a huge box of choccies in a heart shaped box, nothing. 
6. A Watch This is more of a pricey gift, but if you're boyfriend is always loosing track of time why not treat him to a new watch, it doesn't need to cost the earth to look nice and do the job. 

Olivia Thristan

My American Beauty Swap!

In November after reading several posts on American beauty swaps and seeing these gorgeous goodies everyone was getting, I really wanted to take part in one myself after asking a few times on twitter I got a reply from Ami who said she was interested in taking part! So after exchanging emails and lists of things we wanted we decided to send our packages in the last week of January. 9 LONG days of waiting my package finally arrived and today I am going to show you what I received! I also made a youtube video of what I received so if you fancy a little watch click here. What what did I receive: 

 All the gorgeous things I recieved in one picture, I was so excited to open it all!

My wet n wild goodies, eyeshadow in walking on eggshells and Don't steal my thunder & Matte Lipsticks in Purty Persimmon & Cherry Picking (they both look gorge!) 

 I asked for some cover girl items, I have the flamed up mascara and the lipstick in delight delice! 

I adore EOS Balms, I already own 2 so I had to get more, these are in the flavors, Summer fruits, mint and blueberry, the mint one smells just like mint choc chip ice cream. 

 The lipsticks and glosses, The Color Whisper in Orange Attitude, Maybelline in Vivid Rose (my favorite thing of the whole swap!) Stay Matte Lipgloss, a Colour Riche lipgloss in peach fuzz, Jordana Lipsticks which are in the shades 10 Red & Orange and amazingly bright Wet n Wild Lipgloss in Fushia!

 These chap ices smell so lovely, I have them in Blue raspberry, Watermelon and Mint (which isn't pictured)

 The nail varnishes are the NYC in Disco Inferno, Sally Hansen in Fuchsia Power & Quick Jeanius.
 Some lovely chocolate which I was keen to try, Hersheys and A kitkat (although we can get them over here the packaging on this kit kat is so cute! )

 Finally some Pocket Bac in the flavous New york taxi, Raspberry Blossom and Fresh Strawberries (not pictured), Love Spell body lotion from Victorias Secret (smells so lush!) Fragrance mist in Warm Vanilla Sugar and Amber Blush (lovelovelove these) and some mints from Victorias Secret!

Once again thank you to Ami for these lovely goodies and I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Have you ever tried any American goodies, what are your faves?

Olivia Thristan