Top 5 Lipsticks Under £5

This is a series of posts I've wanted to write for you guys for a while now, just haven't got round to writing them up but I finally have and I decided to a bit of a bargain hunt for these posts and put together a post on my favourites under a fiver- starting with lipstick. In my opinion these lipsticks are great for their price tag, and there is nothing wrong with make-up on a lower budget! Just to let you know I will be doing the post on the lipsticks themselves not the shades.

Seventeen Stay Pout: This is one of my all time favourite lipsticks, for £4.49 I can't believe how good quality the lipsticks are they come up there with the best, the lipsticks are glossy and have a long time coverage which is a winner when I am looking for a lipstick! If you've never tried seventeen go down to your local boots and pick one of these up now.

Collection: Little Mix Lipsticks:
Collection has always been a go to brand for me as it's been around all the time I've worn make-up and when you're 14 you are on a small budget for your make-up, so collection has always been a winner with me, I recently read about the little mix lipsticks and I had more hope for them than the one direction make-up as it might actual of have had some input by little mix. They cost £2.49 and for a lipstick that is a fabulous price, they are definitely worth the money, some people may not buy them due to the little mix label.

Barry M Lip Paint:
So everyone has heard of Barry M, it's mostly known for it's bright nail varnishes, which I will be talking about in my nail varnish post, I'm not sure when they made their own lipsticks, but I bought myself one when buying some for my lovely American friend Ami, and I was pleasantly surprised. The lip paints are £4.49 and well worth every penny they have so many shades to choose from, they don't last as long as some lipsticks but the colour is vibrant!

Miss Sporty Perfect Colour: 
Another lipstick for £2.59 and this is the miss sporty perfect colour lipstick, there are less shades to choose from than the others and most of them are quite neutral, but it is still a fab lipstick once again can't argue with the price, they don't last as long as other lipsticks but once again the colour is a good colour and they are glossy and leave your lips feeling moisturised!

Collection Deluxe Lipstick:
This lipstick is great because it is enriched with Shea butter and vitamin E which makes it a great moisturiser as well as a lipstick, these lipsticks come in great colours so many bright and vibrant shades to choose from and it has a long lasting power *hurrah* and the price tag makes it all that better at £2.99 a great price for a lipstick on a budget!

Would you buy any of the lipsticks I've wrote about in my post?


  1. I haven't tried any of these but the 'under a fiver' part caught my eye! X

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  3. I've actually been really curious to try out the Collection lipsticks, I just can't help but wonder if the quality is any good, I need to read some reviews and do my research :3