An extra special touch!

When Baker Days emailed me saying they were promoting their letter box cakes and were going to send me one out I was thrilled I have been wanting to work with them for ages, and I finally got my chance, they told me I could pick one of their many designs or send them an image of my own and have it put on a cake, and I jumped at the chance to have my own design on the cake as I make my blog headers I thought it would make it that bit more special! So I sent them my new header and couldn't believe it when it arrived in the post 24 hours later (such a good service!) I couldn't wait to get into the box and try some, but being the good blogger I am, I waited until I got some light and took pictures first! So here is my beautiful cake:

My cake is a letter box cake, which is exactly what it says, it fits through your letter box, it comes in such a lovely tin with some balloons, candles and a party horn which I thought was so cute! On the cake I think my design really comes to life and they've done a great job with the way they've placed it on the cake! So on to the taste of cake, I fell in love on the first mouthful! The cake is a Madeira and is so fluffy and light, (I've had a few more pieces since the picture was taken!) it's pretty addictive, but I did give some to my sister who had the same reaction as me. It definitely tastes as good as it looks! If you are looking for a cake, I would recommend you try baker days as they have cakes for pretty much any occasion and you can add that extra special touch to them with a name. The best part about letter box cakes are they can be an amazing surprise send them to a friend when they're down and they won't have a clue what it is! 
& Thank you so much for the cake baker days!
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Olivia Thristan


  1. This is lovely! I can't believe how well they transferred your header to the cake too!xx

    Alex Georgie

  2. wow that's lovely! they got your header on the cake perfectly :)

    Catherine x

  3. Yum, these look like such a cute idea!

  4. This is so lovely and how good do they taste? Mine lasted a few seconds before everyone tucked in x

    Beautyqueenuk xx