A little absence/Birthday Haul!

I'm back, some of may of noticed that I haven't posted a new post in almost a week, this may not be long for some people but as I try to post nearly everyday it feels like forever for me, I do have my reasons though! As it was my birthday on monday, I visited family over the weekend- with no wifi! Had a super busy day on my birthday organizing my room as I got new furniture woohoo, and then on tuesday night I went out on the town and couldn't even face to leave my bed yesterday (we've all done it right?) But here today I am back to get back into blogging properly as I haven't had chance just to sit and blog for weeks with Christmas and University deadlines! So on to the birthday haul, I'd just like to point I am not bragging in any way shape or form I am simply just showing you what I got and I was a very happy girlie with my lovely gifts!

What I received for my birthday:  
A lot of cupcake decorating gift sets, a naked basics palette, the soap and glory girl-o-whirl set, some mini perfumes, a nikon cool pix camera!, some body shop goodies, a mac lipstick and lipgloss, a new bed, no7 favourites, 19 scratch cards, Taylor Swift perfume and some nail varnish!

I was super excited when I opened these gifts, some of them I was pretty aware of already, like the bed and I had a little bit of a clue that my Uncle and Auntie were getting me MAC make-up and they picked the perfect coloured lip gloss and lipstick, I will be putting a full review up of them soon so look out for that, I am obsessed with making cupcakes and my boyfriend and his mum both bought me sets and cases to put all my cupcakes in my, I warn my uni class I will be plying them with cupcakes all year long! The naked basics pallette is something i've wanted for months but haven't got around to buying it and my other Auntie gave me money so I finally purchased it and the colours and fab, they go on so well and look great, and you guessed it, a review will be up on this soon also! The body shop lipsticks are something that I haven't tried before these ones and they're fantastic quality, so smooth, love love them. Finally the camera, I bought myself a little lighting studio for Christmas, but although my phone takes amazing quality pictures you can't get a tripod for it, so he bought me a camera! He is so lovely and I appreciate it so much!  

Hope you enjoyed reading my little haul, video will be up on youtube soon! 
Olivia Thristan


  1. I wanted that s&g set! you got some great stuff. Ghost perfume is my all time favourite!

  2. My sister bought me the Rosie's Bakery cupcake decorating set, it was her way of droppings hints that I should make her cake.

    Rosie | www.eatreadglam.com

  3. Looks like you got some lovely gifts! I'd like to try a Body Shop lipstick.
    Hope you had a good birthday :)
    Sally xx

  4. Lovely Haul Hunny you got some really nice stuff

    Carrieanne xx

  5. You got some great gifts! I'm jealous of anyone who gets to try your cakes! x


  6. Happy belated birthday! I've never heard of the girl o whirl by soap and glory, could you do a post on it please? :)

  7. You got some amazing presents :) Happy belated birthday! x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  8. A camera is such a good birthday present! You've got so many lovely beauty products, I've been wanting to try the naked pallette! xx

  9. You got some great bits! Hope you had a fab birthday!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  10. Such lovely presents! :)
    I love the look of the S&G products and the cupcake set!


  11. Ohh happy birthday!
    Lucky lady! You have some fab gifts x