A bakers tool kit #1

It's been such a long time since I've written a post about baking, although it is my favourite hobby other than blogging, I am obsessed with making sweet treats and over the last few months I've received lots of fantastic bits and pieces to make my goodies look a bit more professional! Whilst taking the photos for this I decided I could make it into a little sequel of posts, the first one being "A bakers tool kit for cupcakes" So what do I recommend for cupcakes?

Cute Cases:
You can make the nicest cupcakes in the world, but they won't look complete without being in a nice case, I have at least 400 cupcake cases thanks to my friends and family over the last few months, but these are by far my favourites! Gives them a little girlie touch, who doesn't love pink cupcake cases hey?
Piping Bags
I can't believe I used to use a knife to put the buttercream on the cakes, how wrong was I? I have recently discovered the duo piping bag, the best thing ever, you can make your buttercream two colours and it comes through in swirls, it looks fabulous (will upload a picture of some of my creations, soon.)
Every baker needs their own set of trusty nozzles, you can put them in your pipping bags to make it easier to ice, you can get so many different nozzles of any shapes and sizes, makes it so much easier for it to come and look professional (that's all what we want isn't it?!) I own about 30 nozzles, always getting new ones!
Food Colourings
You can so many bright and pretty colours, rose pink and ice blue are my favourite colours from the collection, I recommend buying concentrate colours as they last so much longer and make the colours much brighter and the price isn't that much more expensive (Get your colours from here)
Baking Tray
If you are looking to buy one, they do come under muffin tray and these are better than the smaller ones you can get for fairy cakes as it helps them to rise better and the cupcakes won't take over the baking tray like they can do with smaller ones! Splash out on an expensive tray, it does the job and will last you years and they are also easier to clean!

Olivia Thristan

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